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Tarren S
how do you keep urine warm before a drug test???
i smoke weed daily and have a drug test to do for a job, what will be the best way to keep someone else urine warm?

You're out of luck. Stop using the weed.

Mangy Coyote
Keep it in their bladder until they need to pee. Then watch them laugh when you get fired for trying to cheat a drug test.

put the container in some warm water.... got any weed for me?

Apparently you have never taken a drug test before. First off, you will not be allowed to walk in with someone else’s urine. Besides, it is gross, and who know how you managed to obtain it? Maybe if you bring a microwave in your pocket that will sure keep it warm. However, back to being serious…..They give you a clean cup, ask you to empty your pockets, initial a sheet acknowledging you received such cup, and they let you in a toilet room. Then you pee and not flush, you are not allowed to. So best wishes for you and I hope you fail. No one in their right mind should smoke pot while holding a responsible job especially one that might put someone else’s life in danger.

The Chesire Cat
good luck..

it is impossible to keep it at the correct temperature unless you have the correct , undetectable chemicals...

I hope you know a friendly chemist...

Hold it in your mouth

stop smoking for 3 weeks so you can keep it in your own kidneys

god knows and sees else Yahoo
simple simple simple
keep it in your pants pocket

smellyfoot ™
tape it to your body....but in the future you should just stop smoking for a few weeks. Besides - how do you know that no one is going to watch you pee, or pat you down or something?

yaro maiwayo
oops, someone is gonna be or remain on tha unemployment line

take handwarners and rubber band it around a film canister. i swear it works, or just take it on your inner thigh.

How about you drink it, and hold it in your mouth...then spit it out when you get the clinic?

Or maybe, here's a thought...quit smoking weed? I mean...you know...since you ARE applying for a job and all.

Give it just before your test.

If your being serious about trying to sneak urine in.... You have to put it inside your body... To keep it at body temp. Plus, you will be searched.

This is going to sound gross but what you have to do is .... have someone pee in a little bottle ( with a tight fitting lid), as soon as they pee in it close tight put it in a rubber glove and shove it up your butt. Tape the glove to your leg so it doesn't slip. You need to keep it inside of your body to keep it at body temp. If you don't want to do that then say good bye to passing your urine test.

keep it in your pants between your legs

Pam G
Get those hand warmers they are like 1$ each and they are meant to be put in your pocket or gloves to keep you hands warm. You can find them at drug stores, or I found them at target in the "trial size" stuff.
Good luck.

me mo
whizzinator.com the best thing in the world!!!!!!

Cheating the pee test,huh? Well,I don't know what sort of job your working for but if its working around machinery or something that needs you to be on your toes then...no offense but I hope you either flunk the test or don't get the job.

BTW,the ppl who give the tests are on to any type of cheating.It's not their first rodeo.They normally like to be in or near the bathroom with ya.

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