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how do u make yourself tired to go to sleep?
at night i lay in bed for freakin ever trying to go to sleep and i cant..
if i dont force myself ill stay up til morning..
my sleep pattern has been so messed up because of this..i wont fall asleep til 5-6 in the morning and wake up at like 1 or 2 in the afternoon..
how could i regulate my sleep pattern?
and tips on falling asleep quickly??

run around

Here are some tips:

1. Drink hot milk
2. close your eyes
3. Pretend to count sheep in your head
4. Count backwards from 1 to 100!
5. Take deep breaths
Hope we helped ! :)

ricky h
exercise during the day, the harder you exercise, the more tired your body will be later.

read before bed

well when i try to sleep and are having trouble i will normally turn on the tv and watch something that does not entirely interest me but not bore me. within 5-15 mins i will start to doze off i don't wake up till after that. if that doesn't work you might drink to much caffeine. or what you can do is take sleeping pills if your doctor prescribes them and that's only if you need it.

ooh i know how you feel i have the same exact problem. my doctor said that if you have "crazy legs" (which i do) keeps you awake. the "crazy legs" thingy means that you dont have enough iron in your blood so now i'm supposed to have iron supplements. but ask your doctor first.

hm....well i normally go to sleep whenever i feel sleepy.

perhaps you should go see a doctor.

drink hot milk.
stay off the computer.
play soothing music.
and lie down

My son has this same problem. what usually works for him is to stay awake for a 24 hour period then go to sleep a lil early in the evening. stay away from coffee, sodas, and energy drinks.

First, make sure your room is completely dark. Next, try reading in bed. That always makes me tired. Most importantly, go to bed before midnight every day and keep at it.


Listen to music in bed,
Honey is good for sleep patterns ( so i hear )
When you're in bed think of somewhere you wanna be like a beach or something it'll help you relax then you will probably dose off :)

melatonin works really good !! its all natural. they sell it at drug stores its in the natures bounty. the vitmin row. it works very well. no addiction. it helps produce dopamine (?) that makes u sleep. try it.

Alex Blackman
I TIVOed some Obama speeches. Man, that guy is boring. I drop off almost immediately.

exercise at some point in the day. it's good for you and you'll be so tired you'll go right to sleep

You have described an example almost extreme as my predicament (i am writing this and i havent slept for 22 hours, and wont sleep until much later).

Tips - dont try any drugs or herbal stuff, they are just placebos.

Count! Seriously, just concentrate no your breathing and count every breath. It is as boring as it sounds.

Dont watch any thought provoking TV or read any good books before you sleep.

Dont just lie there, as you will worry about not sleeping and this will keep you up, and then you will keep worrying about worrying etc. Just sit up in your bed, do something repetitive ( a favourite of mine is to write a word over and over again) and the sleep will come to you.

My ultimate tip to adjust sleep pattern (will require lots of free time): stay awake for a whole day, (eg - wake up at 1pm (like you said you do) and stay awake until your desired sleep time the next day (at , say, 10pm). You will be so tired you will fall asleep straight away ,so set an alarm for your desired morning time (like 8am). You will wake up and feel groggy the following morning, just get over it and fall asleep the same time the same day (at 10pm) and wake up the same time the next day (at 8am). Keep this patter going for about a week, and your body clock will adjust. Trust me, i do this all the time.

The only reason i break out of this routine is because im insane.

William Daigrepont
I have the exact same problem but none of the commonly suggested remedies work on me but i found something that does. It may not help you though. Turn off all the lights and play music and think. Eventually I end up drifting of thinking about the day or something else and you will most likely drift into sleep. It works with me.

Force yourself to get up at 8 or 9, no matter how late you were awake.

Stay awake ALL day, don't take a nap.

Excercise! Take a long walk...

Set an alarm clock to remind you to get into bed. Try going to bed around 9:30. Take a book with you to bed and read for an hour or so... your eyes will eventually get tired and you will want to fall asleep.

If this doesnt work, you may need to go to the doctor... Could be insomnia or sleep apnea (which I dont think it is since it seems once you've fallen asleep you can stay asleep)

Try taking some melatonin. It is a supplement, not a drug. it works with your body to release seritonin and relax and helps catch those Zs...

If all else fails, you can take benadryl. It's not habit forming and it doesnt kill your liver like Tylenol PM/Excederin PM does after repeated doses. An advice nurse recommended this to me when I couldnt find sleep.

go to bed late and wake up 5 hrs early and if that doesnt work my trick is buy or if you have a lava lamp put it up and just look at it makes me tierd after like 10min it might work for you

Instead of taking medication to get to sleep, try drinking a full pint glass (14-16 oz.) of room temperature - warm milk. I know it sounds gross, but it'll have you sleeping like a baby in no time. It is more effective than the tryptophan in turkey!

Sounds like you may have anxiety or some other undiagnosed issue. Go talk to your doctor.

-Reading a book before bed until you feel sleepy helps a lot!
-Do not use your computer an hour before bed - it will stimulate your mind too much and prevent you from sleeping.
-Make sure your room is cool, dark & quiet <--very important!
-NO caffeinated beverages after 12 noon.

For a quick fix - Take a sleeping pill a few nights in a row until your body/mind get used to the pattern.

Good luck!

So if you say you actually fall asleep at 5-6, try sleeping from 5-8, wake up, and exercise during the day until your to the point of puking. By 8 or 9Pm you'll be dying for sleep and since you didn't sleep well the night before, and worked out like crazy, you will pass out for a while, and most likely you'll wake up between 8-9, wake up, and keep exercising. Don't see a doctor, because they will give you sleeping pills, and you'll end up addicted to them! good luck!

I have the same freaking problem. :/

I read a book or drink warm milk. If you're more active during the day, you'll fall asleep much faster. And try to turn off your computer because internet can be a distraction. hope it helps


I natural sleep pattern is a part of falling to sleep easily... BUT if a repetitive sleep pattern is not available try doing these methods...

You must distract your mind so you are not focused on anything but absent minded meditation.

You can listen to music, watch a movie (One that you have already seen tends to work best for me). The reason movies is a good idea is because your mind is in a relaxed state. Meaning that "You don't care whats going to happen next, you already know". Also for music, try some piano, guitar, and relaxing music (to listen to and not play of course)

Also, make your bed. You may find that you go to sleep much easier when your bed is neat. I do this and it works well for me. It keeps me at peace of mind, and i know everything is in its place.

Get something that reminds you from your childhood like a stuffed bear, or some scented candles (make sure candles are in a safe spot). I put some vix on a face cloth and it helps me go to sleep at night, it even puts a smile on my face, and clears my sinuses when i need to go to sleep, and im sick.

Try a hot beverage. This will relax your body, and put it into a sleepy state of mind. Tea, hot chocolate, or anything hot, this is very helpful when your sick. I especially like to put lots of honey, alil lemon, in a glass of water and mix it up at best i can with a fork. I do this when im sick and i get very sleepy easily. The lemon and honey clears your throat, and helps it repair itself much less... (less tension so you can sleep easier).

Take a warm shower, then put it to a hot bath. Your body will begin to faint if you will. But not enough to have any immediate effect. The blood in your head will travel from your head, and transferred into your body making you sleepy. You'll notice this happening, and you'll feel it. Just don't be sitting in the bathtub mad wondering why ur not sleepy, you must be relaxed. Lie down and think about anything. Just when you go to bed you should be to tired to think about anything.

Lastly, take some medicine to make you tired so you can go to sleep. I try not to use medicine, so i always keep it as a last resort, but the pill, and liquid medicine has always worked for me.

I hope this has helped, it took me awhile to make sure all this information is accurate and correct.


Just do push ups, pull ups, sit ups, crunches. That kind of stuff before going to bed or during the day. Also turning the TV on and laying so I'm not looking at the TV helps me fall asleep because I like background noise.

Okay here is one of the weirder ways to fall asleep that helps me. When you lay in your bed think of yourself as a crab fisherman who has been awake for 24 hours working in the cold who wants to do nothing but sleep. Then feel yourself almost sink into the bed. IDK it works for me.

candy girl
i heard warm milk with honey helps u fall asleep, u can always give it a try, wont hurt.

see a doctor...

i just lay there with my eyes closed, that way even if i can't get to sleep i still kinda get some rest.

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