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 What drug should i try?
well theres this huge party this week and i want to try drugs. which one is the least harmful or like the least addictive. my friends told me its weed but idk. i kno i shouldnt but im not like an ...

 do you find it embarrassing to faint?
i fainted at school and now i fear tht it might happen again, for me it was really embarrassing/ do you find it embarrasing? have you ever fainted at school? hat happened after that did you go to the ...

 my therapist yelled at me!?
Ok I have been seeing her for over a year now and she's super nice and has helped me a lot but yesterfay I called her to talk about something and she asked me a question and I answered and I ...

 does coffee cause baldness?
just ...

 will i pass drug test?
I used to smoke marijuana at least 2 times a week, but then I quit for a month, and then I smoked quite a bit (at least 10 hits) one night, will i pass a drug test 4 days later?...

 Remedies to upset stomach? Please, I want to get some sleep. Thanks.?
My stomach's rumbling the way it does when you're beacked up and then you get that diahrreah after a few days of feeling really sick. But I got a big day tomorrow and don't want to &...

 I can't fall asleep...?
I haven't been falling asleep until like 2 in the morning and I've been sleeping until 11. I have to go back to school in a few days so I can't keep staying up so late. I'm not ...

 Smoking 1 cigarrette. Will i be addicted?
I just wanna try a cigarrette and i have so i just wana try em out. Will 1 cigarrette get me hooked?...

 Why do i want to smoke so bad?
i know it isn't cool and it's so disgusting... and don't get me starting on what it does to your health. i am very health conscious so trust me i know all the risks. i tried a ...

 Can I still grow to at least 5'6?
I am 15 1/2 years old and I am 5'1. My mom is 5' and my dad is 5'6. I have an older sister who's 5'2. I just want to know if I can still be at least 5'6 and what are my ...

 is there anyway a 21 years women can GROW taller?? pls pls pls pls pls help...?
hi there... im katy.. i just wonder can a women like me grow taller at this age.. im 21 years but i just 160cm :( please tell me if i can grow taller.. i stop grow since i was 14years... im asian.. ...

 do you think my gf smoked a ciggerette or weed?
me and my gf are 17 yrs old the other day my gf was really stressed out and she told me the next day that she 'smoked'. im not sure if she smoked weed or cigs. she called me up 10 at ...

 A quick question *hand sanitizer*?
I put some scented hand sanitizer on my hands a little bit ago. Well, awhile later I ate a hot dog. I didn't wash my hands before eating. I could still smell the hand sanitizer, but it was for ...

 I'm having horrible chest pains, whats wrong with me?
Ever since 3 years ago i have had these horrible chest pains inside me. I never say anything about it to anyone but it just hit me again and im starting to wonder, i dont have any health issues/...

 What happens when you swallow gum?
I swallowed a ton of gum when I was little. I just randomly wondered what happens when you swallow gum? Does it ever come out?...

 I know the smoking age to BUY cigarettes is 18, but what is the age when someone can smoke?
i know the smoking age is 18 in most parts of New York, but what is the age someone can smoke cigarettes, NOT BUY THEM? its for research paper, im not a smoker. thanks for the info....

 Trying to stay awake..?
I have a massive amount of homework..and i'm falling asleep. Any ideas on how to stay awake?...

 Is it bad to eat cake dough or cookie dough?
I love eating it. Sometimes I just make a batch to eat the dough......

 What could be causing me to feel drunk after drinking water?
I am a fairly sendetary 22 yr old women. I walk from my car to school, do house work etc thats about it. But most my day is spent sitting due to school. So I figured I don't need to eat as much. ...

 How addictive is smoking?
If you were to just smoke one cigarette, and plan never to again, is it still possible to get addicted?...

does yogurt help clean marijuana out my system?
is yogurt a way to clean my system from marijuana

How many thousand times has questions been asked about how to "cleanse" marijuana out of a person's system? I'm so tired of reading all the dumb answers like drinking lots of water, that THC is stored in fat cells, drink certain concoctions, eat certain things, and on and on. You can take this to the bank. There are no such things and marijuana is not stored in fat cells but in you PANCREAS. If you are a heavy user and then stop, it will still take 3 months for it to clear out of your system. You cannot beat a drug test even with all the 'snake oil' crap that is sold alleging that it works. The urine test now contains chemicals that test for chemicals sold as urine cleansers. My husband has been performing drug tests every since they have been in existence and consistently finds employees who use drugs and those who try to cleanse their urine. He also finds urine warmers with clean urine and tosses them in the trash. When he makes them pee in a bottle, THEY FAIL the test.

Bob Saget
no you are going to want to drink a lot of fluids. try drinking acidic drinks like lemonade. buy a bottle of concentrated lemon juice and that'll help speed up the process.

Mike Ts
ingrediants in it help, but drinking fluids help the most

Mother LOve
Nope but geltain does

No, but lots of water and exercise helps a bunch.

not even a little bit.

Nikki Casey
No, lots of water and cranberry juice.

Matt P.
no !


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