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does the human eye grow as the humans age increases?

nope- not at all.

no the only thing that grows
is your nose and your ears

No, but the nose and ears do.

some random guy
i dont know if your talkin about the eye it'self or vision bcuz vision i would imagine probably goes str8 to hell i think the answer is no to both of them

No, they don't grow, that's why babies are so cute, they have big eyes

Good question.....actually I was told by my pediatrician that actually NO your eyes dont grow...its your face that does...we are all born with different eye colors and shapes but at the age of 6-9 months our eyes stop growing and our face begins to develop more accomadating our eyes.......at least that is what my Dr. told me......well not in width just length as in in the back of your eye grows but not too long...

Timothy C
The eye does not really grow much, that is why babies seem to have such large cute eyes. More often they decrease in effectiveness. They do grow on a cellular level like any other part of your body, the cells divide and multiply, but very slowly.
It may not grow larger but it does grow to replace old and damaged cells.

My optometrist recently told me that the lens in the eyes will continue to grow as we age making it more and more difficult for some of us to see close objects.

zubin j
a human eye grows the same way as the other organs of the human body grow. It is small at birth and becomes larger as we grow.
But it has a limited growth, Our eye grows only till the age of 18-20 yrs. after that the growth stops. That is why the refractive error changes as we move towards our teenage.

Normal size of a fully developed human eye is 24 mm
myopic eye is larger >24mm
hypermetropic eye is smaller <24 mm.

a new born baby's eye is about 18-20 mm.

after 40 years the lens inside the human eye starts losing its elasticity and cannot accommodate to change its power, that is why we cant see near objects clearly after 40 yrs of age. This condition is called Presbyopia.

Zubin Jiwani (M.Optom)

chasing happiness
No it is the same size when you are born, rest of your body increases, and an interesting fact is that the nails and hair increases even after the death.. interesting i suppose?

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