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a person hee hee
does marijuana negatively effect the body?
what are the different ways marijuana negatively effects the body?please include a reliable source, a human if possible...

marijuana smoke, with all of its supposed benifits, is extremely harmful to the lungs. I'm not judging people, so save the thumbs down, but it just is.

:L :L
It has bad effects on you because it is a dangerously mixed sustance, that is why it is ILLEGAL

Frank The Tank
Of course it does.
True Story: In college George W. Bust Smoked marijuana and look how he turned out (Stupid, but also president)

marihuana its a drug and if you abuse it will have bad consecuences for your body,the fact of smoke is logically bad for your lungs and the whole body,but marihuana has the power to make you connect with the spiritual world and the ancients used to smoke it with such purposes on special days and rituals,the use of marihuana requires special dieta and cool and relaxing atmosphere,other wise can be potencialy harmfull and long use of it can help to developpe schizophrenia and paranoia.

watch the movie SUPER HIGH ME. it explains everything. but no, it is good for you.

Just kills brain cells.

paranoia, lungs, not so much on the addiction side, but some beg to differ... I think it should def be legal and open for taxation :o)

Adam H Rockstar
are you serious.effects you bodies temperature regulators and drains your body of water .

It may negatively effect the lungs, though there have been no reliable studies conducted to prove or disprove it. Since it's smoke it's assumed, but there are ways to use marijuana that eliminate this concern (vaporizers). I have a friend who suffers from severe asthma and weed is the only thing that helps it. It may also cause memory loss, but again there have been no reliable studies. Most suspected effects of marijuana are the result of casual observation and not actual scientific research.

It's That Guy
Well, drawing smoke from burning plants into your lungs can't be good for you. But research hasn't shown very much damage being done by pot, not nearly as much as tobacco. Pot hasn't been linked to cancer or emphysema or COPD. Most of the things you hear from anti-drug crusaders are just not true--it doesn't alter our DNA or cause boys' breasts to grow large or kill large numbers of brain cells.

Cannabis research in the US is years behind where it should be because for years the fed.govt. wouldn't allow scientists to study it! But the Brits did a very extensive study in the 1890s in India that showed it was mostly harmless. Even then, pot was said to cause certain people to get violent and run amuck, that it destroyed peoples' health and caused all kinds of incurable diseases. The study found this not to be true.

Also it's been pretty well proven that pot is not physically addictive, and it's not a 'gateway drug', leading users to stronger drugs.

Mr. Can Abyss

smoking marijuana will promote critical thinking, feelings of happiness and peace

its been used for over 10,000 years, nobody has ever died as a direct result of smoking marijuana.

it was outlawed in the early 1900's as a result of racist evangelist white conservatives who feel that marijuana makes the black man look at a white woman. and now the rest of the world has to suffer due to the white man's racism

marijuana is a healing medicine, and god's greatest plant

not really, only if used occasionally..
negative effects.. of course it would lower reaction time, your body would feel "worn out" basically..
but like i said b4, only if you smoke it extensively/occasionally..

Yeah dumba$$ it kills brain cells.

Chelsea (:
so i tired marijuana a couple times. the first time i didnt get high. the second time i got so blazed. my friends all love being high, but for me it scared the heck out of me. I felt I couldn't breathe and my heart started racing and my friends were all telling me not to freak out, and i was trying not to. i thought i was all prepared, but it made me feel soooooo bad. like i was just so uncomfortable. i kept thinking weird random thoughts and i kept twitching.

it doesn't hurt you really. i know people who smoke all the time and you would never even guess it. its worse than drinking and smoking cigarettes. you can't die from smoking too much weed, but you can from drinking too much. also the long term health effects are not as bad as cigarette are alcohol. plus its not addictive like those. so you decide for yourself

Wisest Person Alive
No, it makes it feel good.

I've only used it a couple times. I have a pretty good idea about how it effects your body in the long run from friends who have been using it consistently for years. Getting high makes you have more food cravings so you might gain weight. Also the smoke isnt good for your lungs, and if the pot grower used pesticides... your increasing your risk for cancer. Also my friends who smoke a lot of pot miss work a lot because it makes you not care. My college friends who smoke it a lot don't do well in their classes but they usually get by. Also all people who smoke pot a lot have worser memory capacities I've seen. Being high all the time makes you unreliable... so if you have a lot to lose, just use it recreationally and you won't have any long term or short term problems.

Lil Wayne
weed is good for you.

A 'dangerously mixed substance'?
'Kills brain cells'?
You idiots crack me the f*ck up.

Marijuana is totally healthy for you and nothing bad will happen.
In fact, you will get very beautiful and girls will love you.

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