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 Does getting a bllow job from a girl with braces hurt?

 smoking a broke cigarrette?
i have a cigarrette which is actually broken in half. i'm a non smoker but i have tried it in the past and i wanted to try another cigarrette. the part u put into your mouth is gone. but both ...

 how do i ask my dr this?
How do i tell my doctor that someone else's prescription medicine helped me? Without sounding like some pill popper. I get bad migraines and my dr gave me zoloft for them... Zoloft, yea, the ...

 what pills can i use to overdose myself?

 Is my showering "procedure" weird?
I don't know how we got on the topic but we (me and friends) started discussing what we did in the shower. They all thought my way of showering was weird. They wouldn't explain why...just ...

 how can i stop someone from smoking?
my mom smokes and im worried for her. i tried to talk about it but it doesn't help. i want to buy medicines but i don't have the money because i'm still in high school and i don't ...

 I am getting headaches daily, is this the sign of a brain tumour?
I seem to get them pretty much daily and also get pretty light-headed and my balance isnt what it was. My cousin has just had a tumour removed, does it sound like I might have one as well? ...

 how can i get my hands on cigarettes?
I'm underage and I don't have any friends or siblings who are over 18 and it's not like my parents will buy them for me... is there a way for me to order them online with my debit ...

 Light headed, Dizzy, Seeing Black? Help!?
Hi. So I was doing nothing out of the ordinary, when all of a sudden I felt mildly light headed and queasy. It was a gross feeling but nothing more for about 3 minutes, when all of a sudden, I ...

 I am begging you, Please help me! Could this be anxiety?
For the past three weeks I have been feeling horrible. Stomach pains and Discomfort, Loose/ Irregular stool, Dizziness, Nausea, Queasiness, Chills, and Muscle Aches& Headaches. My family ...

 How can I stop myself from throwing up?
I already threw up about two hours ago, and I feel like I'm going to vomit again. How can I stop it? I hate throwing up ):...

 how do I know if marijuana is laced with something and can smoking weed kill me?
I've never smoked befor but my friends say it will make you feel weird the first ...

 Were can I get some joint papers are rolling paper for joints?
Please some1 tell me I have no idea and a price would be nice to ...

 what do you think the most dangerous thing about marijuana is?

 I swallowed part of a pencil!!?
The thing that twists if the pointy end of a mechanical pencil? I swallowed one of those but it won't go into my stomach OR come back up! Even if I eat food. It's stuck in my throat and no ...

 14 getting ears pierced?
Im getting my cartalige done. My mom said she'd rather take me to a tattoo shop and get a needle but the one near use said you have to be 15...We have other 2 other choices that use guns. Should ...

 will gatorade cure headaches?
i get headaches sometimes.. really bad ones. my neighbor came by and gave me a piece of paper tht says tht gatorade a couple of glasses of it will cure headaches. is it true? give me ur ...

 Im sick of life, I really want to die?
Im NOT suicidal! I been studying so hard but still struggling in first year in computer programming and i'm pretty convinced i'm going to fail my first year. I don't wanna live any ...

 Who else enjoys sneezing?
I don't know if its just me being wierd but I love the feeling of sneezing anyone ...

 How can i make myself wake up easier?
I swear, I could sleep through a hurricane and not wake up. It's weird though because I can wake up to my mom talking to me through the intercom and to this one radio I have. I have another ...

do people watch you pee at pre-employment drug tests?
When you give a sample for a job drug test, do they watch you pee, or stand outside the door, or what? Please no "don't do drugs" replies, obviously I do.

it depends on the work place!

They don't watch you. They give you a little bottle to pee in and you give it back to them. They then check the temperature of the pee to make sure it is fresh (like you didn't bring someone Else's in with you.)

For a job, no. They ask you to empty all your pockets, sign some documents, hand you a cup and send you into the room while they wait outside to record its color, temperature, and make you sign more documents while they package and prepare your sample. For a parole officer, yes

Happy Meil
No. But, typically, you cannot bring anything with you to the bathroom other than the cup they give you. They also will usually tell you not to flush the toilet (they have to check it) and they stand outside the door to listen for any abnormal activity/noises.

They are outside the door. They cannot watch. You do have to leave all your things outside and take off and sweatshirts or jackets.

They are supposed to be in the same room to notice any irregularity.Whether they watch is up to them.

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