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 What sickness do I have?
Lately, food hasn't been appetizing to me. Sometimes I can eat, other times I can't. My joints are sore off and on. My throat is sore. I have a pretty bad cough. I sometimes have a headache....

 Can you cry under water?

 what do you think abt these?
So i found my dad's antidepressants and anxiety pills they're called Bupropion HCL (http://www.depression-gu and Clonazepam. I haven't taken them yet b/c i didn&...

 sleep paralysis ? but...?
well i had sleep paralysis today i was really scared it never happened to me...but the odd thing was that i wasnt even waking up.... i was just fully awake with the flu laying on my bed i guess it ...

 Why am i unconfident?
I have been uncofident and sad for a while and it started about 4 years ago. I am always putting my self down i know its bad intellectually but i dont know how to stop it cause i still feel sad ...

 I would like some cures for these hayfever symptoms. red itchy eyelids, one eye constantly watering, constant?
itchy and watery eyes, have tried, antihistamines, tablets and eye drops, hydrocortisone ointment,chloromphenicol etc etc i have had this now for more than two months its driving me ...

 how to fall asleep as a nap?
can anyone give me a way to take naps?...

 A really really bad stomach ache.?
I'm not sure what happened, exactly. It was late at night, and my stomach burned and hurted for about three hours, going off and on. The next day I woke up really sick and weak and felt cold all ...

 whats happends if you have anemia?

 What happens and what do I say if my drug test comes back diluted?
I am trying to prepare myself for this call. No lecture answers please....

 how to get rid of stomach cramps?
While working out on my AB lounge during my second set of 25 I got stomach cramps, I layed back in lounge and massaged them out, what causes them?...

 HELP ive had a throbbing headache for 2 DAYS noW.. take cold medicine?
I have had a throbbing headache for 2 days now. my head starts pounding when I make any sudden move my mom just got me cold medicine.. but i dont have a cold I just have a headache should I ...

 Can you grow out of being allergic to bees?

 so the swine flu is in new york?
will we all have to wear breathing masks or something? http://www.usatoday.com/...

 theres a noise that is upposed to make you happy... its abuzzing thingy.. do u know what it is?
its likea buzz really weird... i wanna find it... ur supposed to listen to it 4 bout 30 ...

 Need help with scare on nose?
Two years ago i damaged the roof of my nose like right in between the eyes and now there has been a red mark there ever since. It gets very annoying when i sweat because hen it gets very red. I do ...

 Whats the best way to get rid of cold sores?
i always get them and they're so annoying... whats the best way to get rid of them?? i mainly get them in winter (alot in winter actually) and only sometimes in summer....

 Where can I go on the internet to get a full descriptive step by step process of an open colectomy?

 Need Help with Involuntary Muscles.?
For school I have to find three involuntary muscles. I can only find 2, those being Cardiac and Smooth muscle. Please tell me the third. Thanks....

 how to get thc out of your system fast?
alright, i need to get marijuana out of my system fast...i haven't smmoke in over a month and keep felling these home test. i been taking them up at the recruiters office too. i need to flush it ...

Will smoking pot affect me the next day?
Obviously you get hangovers after drinking the night before.. but is there something similar if you smoke the night before? Like, i'm gonna smoke at a party but i have a game the next day.. will i feel any different?

ballers inc
lol nope you'll be fine

Pot has hundreds of differing compounds depending on the plant type. It has been proven that even occasional pot use affects the memory and the effects are permanentt. Unlike alcohol, which the body converts to sugar, and excretes, pot 's active ingredients are alkaloid.Which may be stored in the body fat and can be detected form hair samples up to a year after use. They used to check ppm's now it's ppb's (parts per billion). One positive drug test can reek havac on your life.

Megan L
Weed doesn't give you hangovers. In fact it can cure hangovers.


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