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 if i get stranded somewhere, can i drink my pee pee to survive? huh?

 How/where else can I donate blood besides a Red Cross drive?
I have recently become eligible to give blood and have done so once, as a blood drive was conveniently being held nearby. However, for personal reasons I would like to find a way to donate blood more ...

 im 13 year old girl, please answer.. its my hearing.?
i have always had perfect hearing. never had bad hearing..but a few nights ago i was in the bath , it was all quiet and i could hear a legit high pitched noise that would make me like crunch, very ...

 Shouldn't we take 2 Multi-Vitamins a day?
Shouldn't we take 2 Multi-Vitamins a day instead of just 1? I'm asking this because I heard that when you take one in the mourning, it flushes out of your body, or at least a lot of it does ...

 I have a question about an odd bulge/hard spot...?
Alright.. so I'm sure that sounded a little wacky...
Here's what happened: I was out playing some pretty rough hockey with a bunch of guys. You know, the style where nobody wears ...

 Should I tell my parents I burned myself?
Yesterday morning, I was using my straightener and it hit my thumb and I dropped it on my leg. I thought i would be alright but during school in the locker room it was a blister. This morning, it was ...

 How long do I have to be in the sun to get enough Vitamin D for the day?
How long do I have to be in the sun to get the minimal amount of Vitamin D needed for the day?

Also, does it matter on which part of my body the sun hits?

And finally, if I wear ...

 what does alka seltzer taste like?
so i guess i have the stomach flu and i was told to drink some alka seltzer to kill the bacteria...
is alka seltzer good or gross??...

 what to do when someone passes out or blacks out?
I have a friend who has a problem where her heart does not beat fast enough for some reason or another. when it happens she normally drinks Gatorade or juice but i find that she still looks like she ...

 why is it bad to have a nose bleed and headache at the same time?
I had a headache and then my nose randomly started to bleed. It bled for a couple minutes then stopped but I still have a headache. Could something serious be wrong?...

 sudden hearing loss and headache.?
today i started to get a headache wile i was at the store. then i start to feel weak and faint and burning up. then i keep having these spells of sudden hearing loss in one ear or the other. its ...

 why do i vomit when i wake up?
so lately every time that i wake up tired i end up throwing up. Im NOT PREGERS!! i had a period took a test. so thats out of the question.

i got a full 8 hours and i was fine the day ...

 Why is the second toe of our feet longer than the big toe?
I have it smaller but most of my friends and family have it longer, even if on only one feet. Why is this? I have read somewhere that if you have longer second toe, you are very creative and ...

 What can I substitute for smoking in the car?
I just quit smoking for New Year's and I need something to do in the car besides smoke - and NOT candy! I don't want the weight gain or the cavities. Thanks!...

 Do I have an ear infection?
I have been sick for a little over a week, with a sore throat, runny nose and head congestion, a few days after being sick my right ear clogged up. It seems like it's getting harder to hear ...

 why do people get goosebumps?
answer me ...

 How can I stop stuttering?
I stutter a lot and it really annoys people but sometimes I feel like I can't get the word out (usually a word that begins with a R or W) without stuttering. Is there something I can do at home ...

 Boot camp for a 13 year old?
I think i want to go to boot camp, maybe. But i dont want to go into the military. Your thoughts? Whats it like? I live in ny also....

 how com people smoke in all public places?
i am doing a paper and i need some device on ...

 I still can't hear as good out of my left year, is this permanent?
Yesterday night my friend popped two balloons in my left ear, I woke up this morning and I think it's gotten a little better, but is it going to be permanent?...

Why is there a dent in my thumbnail?
In both my thumbnails theres dents, theres a regtangular dent it seems in my right nail, and in the left theres more of a wave. theyve been there for a while. I dont remember how long, but they bug me sooo much.

You have damage to your nail bed if it has been there for a while. You either mashed your thumbs or had a infection at the root of the nail.You can also damage your nail by prying things up with your nails such as soda cans.Some people have very strong nails and these things do not cause a problem, but you may have by heredity have weak nails.

Nothing Less Than Awesome
You probably hit them somewhere a long time ago, and the dent just stayed. That happens a lot. Sometimes, though, people are just born with deformed nails. It happens.

Meagan Conley
Well, sometimes I stick my thumb in my mouth if i'm board and want to bite my nail, because I do this so much, it has made a dent, so if you bite your finger sometimes, thats why theres a dent, other than that, I think it's fine, but if you are still worried, I would go to a nail salon and ask, they would know best I would think.
Hope I helped :D

Could be a vitamin deficiency.

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