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 how can i get my stomach to stop rumbling?
it happens about an hour after my breakfast in school and i eat a big bowl of porridge, im not even hungry when it happens i also get a bad pain too, could it be gas or something if so how do i get ...

 a kid whos mom said was at camp, comes back with a 5-6 inch scar behind his ear, wtf?
There was alot of mystery behind him leaving, then he comes back with a longer incision than I have ever seen on someone face. The kid always seems stoned too. I'm wondering if maybe something ...

 how can i stay wake without sleeping at night?
i always stay wake at night but sleep during the day and i have school in the morning so how can i stay up all throw the night and day and sleep after ...

 I'm 17 and addicted...I need help?
I'm addicted to tramadol. Tramadol is ruining my life. I have been taking tramadol for about 8 months and 200mg. I take 100mg as soon as I wake up and 100mg a couple hours before bed. When I ...

 I have very dry hands. Do you know any good moisturizers?
I have tried Aveeno, Lubriderm, and St. Ives, but niether of them worked. I am currently using Gold Bond but is doesn't work as well as it use to. Do you know of any good moisturizers for ...

 Am I going to die shortly?
Okay so i just swallowed a teeny piece of mouse pad the size of a crumb.I don't know if its sociological or real but now i feel fatigue and weak.I am only 11 and i have a fear of death plz ...

 If i am getting drug tested in a couple of weeks, how do i pass?
- it is for the army, so if i smoked a couple times a week frequently and i have 3 weeks, what is the best way to detox the THC.. because i know the stuff you buy in stores do not work?...

 Do they pee test you at a THC Physical?
I haven't smoked in 3 days and I have a physical in a week and a half for high school football. Im wondering if i can drink a lot of water and keep running 3 miles like I do every day will it ...

 what can i do to get taller?
i am 16 and im 5ft 5inches my dad is 5ft 8inches my mom is 5ft i want to be atleast 5ft 11inches to 6...

 how to stay awake all night with a friend. with no caffeinne?

 Will I pass my drug screen?
Snorted 1 gram of Coke Sat Pm, had a urine test Monday PM. (36 hours later) I drank a detox, and 1 gallon of water (my pee was clear.) Also successfully used 40ML of friend's clean urine, and 10M...

 I desperately want to get taller - can I?
Because honestly, 162 cm for a 15-year-old girl is considered short. Almost everybody around me with my age and under, are above 170 cm. I feel unconfident with my height and I'm worried that ...

 Not menstrual cramps or upset stomach... am I dying?
I've had a stabbing/cramping like pain right below my sternum in what seems like an area too high to be my stomach. IT ONLY HURTS WHEN I'M SITTING OR MY TORSO IS BENT. If I lie down or ...

 Is it bad to stop taking prescription medicine when your doctor hasnt said to stop?
Well its hydrochlorothyzide and Atenolo...its for my high blood ...

 how old do i look....?

 Why cant i fall asleep?
Every Night i try to go to sleep around the same times but all i do is stay up really late trying to fall asleep. I turn off everything in my room and then lay in my bed after i get annoyed for how ...

 ah i need help with my health!!!!!!!?
ok I'm freaking out i think i might have an iron and b12 and calcium deficiency 1. how do i no if i am lacking something without seeing a doctor (using the signs my body gives me) 2. ...

 I cant sleep at night at all. I end up staying up all night.?
I tried taking benadryl, its what the doctor gave me he said it can be used for sleeping but it didnt make me tired but when i used it for allergies i was tired, any other ideas? please help!...

 Help! The doctor said I'm gonna die In 2 hours!?
Hahahaha! I always wanted to do that! Anyways what does it mean when people say bite me?...

 Which do you think would damage the brain more? Playing years of football or years smoking marijuana?

A.R. Lacey
Why does tobacco make me feel sick?
I smoked for around 5 years and it always made me sick. I smoked every day except for quitting when I was pregnant. I quit in september, now ive picked up snus. (like dipping tobacco), and it makes me sick too, I feel dizzy and tired from it and stomach hurts sometimes. I should be very used to tobacco after 6 years, sd o what is the issue...? I know I should quit since it makes me feel bad, im trying, I just want to know why it m as kes me feel bad.

If you swallow even a little bit the actual stuff or the juice it can and most likely will make you sick. It takes years for someone to be able to swallow the juices. Plus cigarretes and snus are way different.

mmmm maybe because it is entirely bad for your body. Why would you expect it to react otherwise. you've quite before (for pregnancy) now think of your child and the influence you are presenting and find the will to quit again. shouldn't take much considering how sick you get.

You may actually have an allergy to nicotine. http://www.ehow.com/facts_5037498_signs-symptoms-nicotine-allergy.html

because its really unhealthy and maybe u should take the hint that you r body is trying to tell you and just quit. also if u kno its making u feel sick the wtf?! just try to quit. also chewing tobacco is worse than ciggarettes so yea not really helping there...

How about you just stop using tobacco period? Or does cancer sound like fun to you?


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