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 How does oxycodone interact with marijuana if taken together?
Do the two mutually intensify each other or does one get overtaken by the other? How does it work?...

 is salvia as bad as acid?
ive heard acid melts your brain and leaves brain clots in your spine, and salvia gives a same trip just not as long. WHat are the long terms?

and by the way ive never done ...

 Why does my heart ache every time I think of something that makes me very sad and angry?
How is my emotions connected with my heart? Its only the brain right ? I also get a very bad head ...

 How much Ginkgo do you use a day? Is 60mg twice a day enough?
If you do use more, when I use 120 twice a day (as I read somewhere to do) it makes me really tired and it sort of ruins my day as I really have to lay off caffeine....

 When your blood circulates through your body, which leg does your blood go through first?

 HELP~~~Scalp problems?
My mother is 55 and her hair has been itching SOOOOo much. not just a couple days ago but since last year. She is very healthy but she has a LOT of white hair. She dyes it back to its colour but it ...

 im 13 and my ears are ringing? please help me?
Over the last week my ears have been ringing really bad, i cant even think. I dont listen to anything loud or anything, whats going on? what should i do?...

 Weird feeling in my chest...?
I'm getting this weird feeling in my chest. Like a bad feeling. It's not physical at all and I feel worried and unsafe. I don't feel good at all. What could this be??...

 12 year old girl seriously biting nails any help?
well i bite my skin and nails on my fingers really bad it hurts but i take the pain , the skins all jagged and my finger ends are red sometimes and pink, i cant t=help it, and ive tried the stuff u ...

 I found a white strand of hair in my hair and I am only 29. And a white eyebrow hair!?
I thought my hair was suppose to go gray first? Is this normal to have my hair do that? Does this maybe mean poor nutrition, not enough? I do have an immune and vitamin deficiency....

 is it possible my day has made me ill?
i didn't sleep at all last night, like not at ALL. and then went for a speed walk (about 4-5mph) for 90 minutes at 5am. i had two sliced of toast for breakfast, but it was dance day at school, ...

 I think i may be really sick, Help?
first my feet because swollen now most of my body is swollen. My knee and elbow hurts and i have almost no energy. Everytime i come home from school i fall asleep. When i get in the sun i get alot of ...

 whats wrong with my eye ?
for the past week or so every morning i wake up and a few spots in my eyes are red and my eyes are itchy thoughout the day at differnt time. is there anything i should do to help them and could it be ...

 what does feeling sick at night mean?
i woke up at 1:30 am feeling like ****, i felt nauseated and i had stomach pain i went to the bathroom to try to gag myself but nothing came up and i tried going back to sleep thinking im not going ...

 Running, pull ups, and push ups everyday?
Would it cause over training? or is it alright? I'm trying to prepare for Marine Corps boot....

 Knowing how much to wipe when using the bathroom?
I use tp alot and my rear starts to bleed because of it, but this has to happen or else the waste somehow isn't completely gone. any suggestions?

 Can a 67 year old person with enlargement of the heart can undergo laser treatment for her cataract?

 What is your weirdest phobia?
I don't know if there is actually a name for mine, but when going to bed I don't like to sleep like I'm a dead person in a coffin at a funeral. You know how they lay there with their ...

 what happens to a dead body after 3 days?
i'm trying to write a story and the main character comes across a body that has been dead for 3 days. i know it starts to decay, but what "stages" is the decaying at and etc.
as ...

 Does your body do anything unusual???
My teeth tingle just before I need to pee...

I thought it was natural, until I mentioned it to someone......

Why does the sun make me feel sick sometimes?
Like kinda nauseated, just alil yucky. I been working outside in the sun for a couple hours and I'm nearly no where close to being finished. i drank a bunch of water..I'm taking a break.. but i got to get out there..its like 90 degrees out..so yeah that sux.

cali d
your sensetive to the sun which means you probably get dehydrated esay you shouldnt spend too much time in the sun you should go see a doctor

I get that way too, sometimes. I don't handle heat very well, either.Its been really hot,so you just need to take a cool shower and fill up on fluids. I go bike riding in the mornings and when I get home, I'm covered in sweat. I take a cold shower,then an hour later I'm sweating again. Anyone can get heat stroke, no matter the age. I know how you feel. I look forward to fall.

Bolt Thrower
heat exhaustion or heat stroke,if you are to far gone water will not help you,an iv drip will be the only thing that will bring your fluids back up to where they should be.

edit:you don't have to be 80 to get heat stroke.

maybe you have heat stroke

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