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 Will an influenza shot (flu shot) help with Sinus Headaches at all?
I deal with sinus headaches about 3 times a year and they can be bad (like today).
There is pressure around my eyes and on top of my head, now im getting a runny nose.
Any help on how to ...

 i am feeling sad all the time?
recently i am always feeling down tearful. and last weekend i went to my brothers party i had to much to drink and we had an argument which i am totally sorry for... do u think i should go to my gp ...

 Would You Rather Be Blind or Deaf?
What would you choose? Go blind or go deaf. And give me your ...

 Are these things true, or just old wives' tales?
These are a couple of things I've heard from various places, and I'm not sure whether they're true or not. So, for each one, tell me
a) Fact/Fiction

 Need help trying to convince my sister that marijuana is bad, vaporized or not, because she is addicted to it?
Lately I have been worried about my sister because whenever I see my sister, she is high. I have tried to convince her that marijuana is bad , but she argues that vaporized or cannabis marijuana is ...

 i am scarded of the wind?
when i think about the wind in the winter season i get this wierd feeling and i start to cry cause i scarded of the sound of it and can someone please help me i told my mom this before i think 2 ...

 how can i avoid a hangover after drinking heavily?

 I have had a horrible headache for 2 days...as of today when I lay down it worsens and feels like a migraine. ?
I also have a temperature of 101. What could be going on and why would the headache get worse when I lay down?...

 I get horrible migrains.?
and i am not old.
i know i have a migrain when i can barely see.
its like blotchess of not seeing stuff.
then my head starts to hurt REALLY bad.
sometimes i barf.

and i ...

 Upper neck pain, jaw pain, and a bloody nose- what's going on?
For the last few weeks I've been having terrible upper neck pain, especially when I lay down to sleep. I've never been able to pop my neck before (strange, I know) until now. I've ...

 help! i have a sore throat:(?
ive had a sore throat since monday ive been resting basiclly all week ive tried tylenol and aspril because i also have a headache i drank chicken broth which is disgusting i also keep having to spit ...

 Am I addicted to caffeine and having withdraws (is this even possible).. or am I crazy?
Okay I am 16 years old and on a average day I have drink about a pot and a half a day (each pot holds 14 cups) ....... I had 3 pots of coffee 3 days ago and 2 days ago I had 4...... I only had 2 pots ...

 When you have a cold or something and you go to the doctor, why do they weigh you first?
It's a bit embarrassing, because I came there for medicine and a diagnosis, not to have old ladies gawking at my weight. Why do they do this when all you have is a simple cough?

* * *<...

 what experiences have you had with smoking marijuana? Did anything really bad ever happen while high?
I just want to get a little perspective on other people's experience, kind of like the pros and cons....

 why am i spitting so much?
my throat feels like theres a pill or something stuck in it but theres nothing stuck in it and i cant stop spitting, i have a cup filled with spit...why might this be happening?...

 Why does the sun make me feel sick sometimes?
Like kinda nauseated, just alil yucky. I been working outside in the sun for a couple hours and I'm nearly no where close to being finished. i drank a bunch of water..I'm taking a break.. ...

 help could i be sick?
okay, i was at a pool party. and i didn't want to swim. but my friends pushed me in anyways. no sunscreen. and i was wearing jeans and a hollister tank. then i came out of the pool soaking wet ...

 help i think have rabies! help please?
okay so we did not have Chlorine in our pool and i noticed there was raccoon footprints on a boogie board that went into our pool! i went swimming an rabies live out side the body in a pool?...

 Why is Heroin bad for the body and how can it be stopped in the community?

 How do I know if it's allergies or if I am sick?
well it's been on and off - but on for the past two days. I have a runny nose, am sneezing more than usual, kind of sore throat (it goes away sometimes), deepish cough, mucus coming out of my ...

The one who knows
Why does soda make me have to pee so much?
More than any other liquid. I just don't get it.

Ya dig?
Because you apparently drink it more than the other liquids.

beach blanket babe
its a liquid,liquids make one pee more.no matter what your drinking youll pee.

Americka S
Maybe you have a small bladder.

Take this life
because of the acid. it goes right through you

Brett H
It is a simple fact that soda speeds up the production of urine. I am not positive but I do believe it has to do with the sugar content as well as the caffeine.

Most of them have caffeine and that's what is doing it.

mighty i

Caffine makes you feel the need to urinate more

Caffeine !! Geez when I drink Diet Coke, its like I can't stop. Water doesn't do the same thing.

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