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 Wasps attack, now im scared?
Today, me and my friends were attacked by wasps after my mate crossed a hole in the ground they were living in. He was swarmed and attacked VERY badly I was also stung once, he was stung around 20 ...


 I've been having shortness of breath lately. Whats wrong with me?
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 Why am I sick all the time?
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 I have recently given up cannabis... but feel really tired?
I am 20 and gave up cannabis 4 days ago after 7 years of regular usage!! I thought that I would get more energy from giving up but in fact although I have been getting plenty of sleep (10 hours plus) ...

 is it normal to have 6 finger?

Okay. I posted something like this yesterday and was told it was seizures or something. Last night: I lost all control over my body. I couldn't hear/see/move. For 1 second. Tonight: ALMOS...

 Is using hand sanitiser the same as washing your hands?
If not, what how much more or less effective is one method over the other? Thanks! <3...

 I Slept For 18 Hours! Why? You Nees To Read Extra Details!?
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 I blush at even the slightest bit of extended amount of attention or some thing emotional, help!?
Im a guy in highschool, and I when people focus on me (Public speaking, giving an answer in class, emotional pressure) my face ights up like a light bulb. Its irritating, I have grown towards ...

 Why am I laughing at everything?
It's like I'm on laughing gas or something. HAHAH why am i laughing at everything!?...

 I just smoked an ounce of weed and I'm convinced I'm going to die, what is happening?
I'm trippin out....

 i pass out when i defecate. what is the diagnosis?
i also get light head spins when i feel a stool coming on....

 teens and drugs??????
how do teens use a glue stick to get high?does anybody know? cause i her of it today and i was thinking if its really true?...

 what famous people or celebrities...?
do you know that smokes pot? just wondering......

 Is smoking weed once or twice a month bad?
Obviously smoking is bad to start off with, but if you're going to do it, would once or twice a month be bad if you stayed at that rate through your experience with weed?...

 what are the best detox products to pass a drug test? if you have tried and it works let me know.?

 What can help me "wake up" in the morning?
I'm 13 and I have to wake up at 6 every morning. I need something to help me wake up. Anything. But don't say coffee because I don't have time for that. Just something natural. I don�...

 Ok...so..is it normal to have to go to the bathroom like 20 mins after you eat, everytime, # 2...? My stomach?
just messed up all the time, on a normal day i prolly go to the bathroom like 4 or 5 times..and it just comes out of nowhere, i'll be working or whatever and all of a sudden i have to go to the ...

 heeeeeelppppppppppp 10 poiint i promiisze!!!!?
my nose is bleeding alot lately i dont know why what could it be??...

Why does marijuana make me feel bad?
Okay so ive smoked my fair share of weed. But the thing is, is that it gives me really bad anxiety and makes my stomache hurt super bad. I like smoking...so im really trying to understand why its like this...? It also gives me a head ache. Serious answers only please....i know a lot of people that have their anxiety taken away by mj...and it makes them feel happy and enlightened...why not me??

Alex S.
Drugs affect everyone differently. Why smoke if it makes you feel bad anyways?

The Itallian Stallion
you sure you're smokin weed? lol ask yourself what weed does for you, personally. Young pot smokers tend to use it as a scapegoat..."Hello! I'm here! Don't ignore me!"...it gives them someone to talk to, or "think to" if you're feeling nothing but anxiety, stomach aches and head aches, try smokin a little less...try to enjoy it more rather than just cause. Maybe you've grown out of that stage in your life and your body is telling you that it doesn't want you to smoke as much anymore. Course this all depends on how often u smoke.

heather bellor
Try different drugs or buy new weed.

Mary Jane is a downer. If you're bipolar or suffering from other mental illnesses it can exacerbate your condition. I'm bipolar and if i smoke weed i start going on an astral high pretty fast and have a hard time grasping reality even after i'm sobering up pants down at Taco Bell. Basically if you're susceptible to depression then taking a downer will probably make you feel depressed or neurotic. Stick with uppers like cocaine and crack and you should be alright, aslong as you don't let yourself comedown. If that happens you're screwed. I don't know what to say at this point, so i'll just go lay down and expect you're check in the mail. Chronic stomach pain is associated with depression.

Connor S
Barney once sang a song with the line, "You are special, you're the only one; you're the only one like you!" The reason for this was not to address your issues with pot, but to teach children that everyone is unique. However, your body's unique (and very complex) chemical system isn't doing too well with something that MOST people handle exceedingly well. Before you decide that you and mary jane just don't get along... How are you smoking? Joints or pipes? Try something with a water/filter aspect (bong/bubbler) or a vaporizer. How much are you smoking, and over what time period? The headache is probably either too much weed and/or too little air. You can get an easy headache if you blaze a bit too fast for your own good because you're able to shut off that "breath oxygen" logic. Try going slowly next time. This can also lead to a point where you can learn/observe (get a piece of paper and record the hits/effect if it's really that bad) how much you can deal with over what time. If you're still having troubles, maybe it's time to just take a bit of a break. Lots of people have anxiety/paranoia issues with the drug, despite the praise it receives for helping those who are anxious/depressed. It's all in the chemical reactions, and your body just might not be having the ones you're looking for. Good luck, and hopefully you can find a better way to enjoy your herb. Edit: Obligatory "You're doing it wrong."

its illegal for a REASON, its not illegal just because people are not allowed to have fun, its illegal due to the HARM it does.... i have met more then one 18 year old in mental hospitals who were there for treatment, due to paranoia from "so called" harmless weed indulgence.

Marijuana leads to schizophrenia in susceptible people. Be warned.

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