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I sit on my legs alot and almost everytime when I sit on them, they go numb or fall asleep or whatever and I was wondering can you get dizzy from that, by sitting on them all the time?...

 Taking Valtrex while trying to get pregnant?
I am around ovulation time right now and last night my hubby and I tried to get pregnant. This morning I woke up with the start of a cold sore. I took my dose of valtrex - I take two big pills and ...

 Depression and Drugs/marijuana?
so i have depression, and i smoke weed everyday all day probably up to 6 blunts a day MAX. is there at all a possibility that i can develop schizophrenia or any other mental illness's from ...

 did you know, there are ppl with only one hemisphere?

 How long does it take for gems transfer from one place to the other? Is it instant?
Just wondering. My husband say the 3 sec rule! Edit! I misspell germs (gems), lol....

 red mole that appeared in my 20's?
I have a mole on my leg it just appeared and it is kind of reddish. I know red moles are normal however how common is it for a new mole to appear in your 20's. I do have red hair so I'm ...

 Is my fingerprint gone forever?
I burned my thumb pretty bad with a flat iron and where the like middle part of the fingerprint has been gone for a few weeks....

 How to keep myself awake?
I'm tired but i want something other than coffee or sleep. Any suggestions?...

 Should i wear nappies if im 13 and wet the bed loads?
I wet the bed basically every night!! :( But should i wear nappies because its getting annoying changing the sheets!! Please help and answer!! I fall asleep lots even if its midday and im in the car ...

 is fracture matters in NDA medical?

 Why does everything make me sick?
I am definitely NOT pregnant (Just wanted to get that out of the way before people suggest it) but every single morning for the past few months everything makes me sick. No matter what I try to eat ...

 I am having alot of trouble sleeping ..?
So im haveing trouble sleeping . And one of my teachers said my Dad should take me to the docter ... For the past week I havent gotten to sleep ealier than 12, and im actually trying to sleep, ill ...

 How many hours a week do EMTs work?
Can it be a part-time job or are you required to put in 40+ hours a week?...

 I always feel like I have to throw up?
Ever since I started doing drugs last year I have been throwing up a lot. And before anybody says anything I've been 100% sober for 11 months. Next month will be a year. I use to never throw up ...

 what are these bumps in the back of my throat?
Ok so last week my girlfriend was sick but all it was was the snot dripping in the back of her throat. So I didn't care and I got that. I got it the same number of days she did for only 2 days....

 Do i have nasal drip?
Here are a list of my symptoms for 3 years ive went throw this 1. bad stopped up nose every morning 2. cough up alot of mucus in the morning but since ive used the doctors nasal drip i don't ...

 How do you do CPR on an adult or a teenager? age 10+?
How many times should I pump the chest and how many times should I breathe inside his/her mouth?...

 Just sized up my ears, when should I do it again?
I just sized up from a 6g to a 4g and I was just wondering what would be a good amount of time to wait before I size up again. I've been told two weeks, but that was by some pothead whose blown ...

 Is there any ways to make your hearing better?
Tell me ways to make my hearing better naturally, I don't want to hear hearing aids will... Please and thank you :)...

 My voice is so squeaky and High!?!?!?
Should i be happy about this i sound like a baby i'm 17 and a female so yeah or should i deepen it?...

Why do i like to wear diapers?
im 18 i know its weird and all but i just can resist the temptation and everything about it... please help me

It is just a harmless fetish that many other people have. It is not talked about much of course so it ends up seeming a lot stranger than it needs to. If you enjoy wearing them, then just embrace it. Don't think of it as wrong or weird.

stop doing drugs, it helps but im high as i type this

It comforts you to wear them you get a rush a nice safe feeling but you also feel naughty wearing them . It all stems back to your childhood and you like the feelings you had in your vhildhoid so you are re enacting that part because you ebjoyed it so mucg

you may need help.

Daniel Cameron White
Its a fetish. Lots of people have that problem. I needed diapers and it turned out that way for me. And my 10 year old brother is diapered all the time because of a medical prob and hes starting to like it. But if you dont want to wear diapers then dont.

You like to wear diapers because of your genetics.. Your dad was that guy who always went to the parties with that pet chimpanzee and drank out of a bbq sauce bottle.... AT THE PARK.

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