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 what are 2 most common lab injuries?
ive already got burns and scalds and bleeding. could you include information how to treat them?...

 How much naproxen can I take?
I know the bottle says don't consume more than 3 in a 24 hour perious but 2 pills does not get rid of the pain =[ Like for ibuprofen it says don't consume more than 1200mg with in a 24 ...

 is it ok to take flu medicine after a night of drinking?
i got some cold anf flu medicine and im not sure if its safe to take it yet?...

 difference between 30 mg morphine tabs and pink morphine capsuls?
i know a woman that was taking 30 mg purple morphine small round pills (called ms contin) and now she is taking morphine in a pink capsule and i think they were maybe about 16 mg?? or something very ...

 Hallucinations with morphine?
2 years ago I had a serious bike accident and as result of it I spend 2 and half weeks in coma,when I came back from the coma I was on morphine as I lost a leg on the accident. While on morphine I ...

 is my tongue infected?
i got my tongue pierced in the beginning of november of 08. i had the piercer change the bar once nd i havent changed the bar itself since then. i brush my teeth regularly nd i use listerine once in ...

 Blood Lab Results can someone help me understand please?
due to feeling very tired and weak i got my blood checked and i have low b12 i am wondering if i need a b12 injection as im not sure if my result is low enough b12 - 110 the reference range is (1...

 i got in to this fight whit 2 guys and they busted my eye this was like almost 6 months ago?
well i got into a fight whit 2 guys and they left my eye purple and a bump on top this was a really long time ago and my eye is not purple like before but is a lil bit purple still and i still got ...

What orthopedic centers take medicaid? If not, how much is a surgery for bunion removal? THANKS!...

 is holy basil a diaphoretic and what are its other benifits ?

 Been on LQD iron for 1 year. Think I need to go on Venofer. Whats the best route to go. PCP or Hematologis?
I have been taking Ferrous Sulfate (liquid Iron Nasty) 11 ML three times a day. I have labs drawn every three months and Im always anemic. I would like to go on IV iron but don't know if I ...

 What's the best way to make an OHIP claim for medical services obtained in America?
Hi, I'm from Toronto and I've been traveling in and out of the states. I don't have American health insurance, but I recently needed to see a doctor in the US and paid with cash. D...

 what do the doctors look for when they take your urine?
do they look for drugs or pregnancy??...

 Is it safe to use Milk of Magnesia twice a week?
I'm 27/male and in good shape. I have been through the works for severe constipation. Here are the things I've tried: - Stool softeners, one daily - High fiber diet, plenty of water -...

 can switching to a different antidepressant cause depression to return?
i started taking zoloft to treat my depression about 3-4 months ago. a few days ago i switched to wellbutrin because zoloft caused me to gain weight and made my ADD worse, but ever since i stopped ...

 how do Hormonal changes effect hair loss?

 im doing a health report on serial killers?
wat should i write get me ...

 things buzzing in my head :(?
thing is... i cant sleep at night!! :( this are constantly going ROUND my head.. this includes.. worries, relationships, family, music ectect. ive had enough... i need some sleep! :( what can i ...

 What is wrong with my fingers? help me?
Okay for the past few weeks i've been getting these tiny blisters on my fingers and they have water in them and if I don't bust the blister my whole finger swells up. Does anybody know what ...

 Questions about a surgical procedure on back? help please?!?
I have to get a sist removed from my lower spine. I am wondering if they will draw blood in the process, and whether there is any chance and if so how much of one that they will drug test the blood ...

Why do I get sick everytime I eat?
For about two weeks now, I've noticed that every time I eat no matter what it is. I feel bloded, gassy, constipated just pain bad. Can't figure it out. Any ideas?

No such ideas, but only a suggestion consult some doc as soon as possible. For choosing your healthy food you can take the help of http://www.mysticboard.com/mb-free-food-astrology or http://www.mystichealthcare.com/mystic-articles/ Wish u a healthy pain free life.

I got this on another site with a person who had the same problem as you: I would suggest taking a blood sugar test to see if your insuline levels are okay. The possibility of eating disorder comes to thought. Only you know if you may be binging. One can over-dose on food causing syptoms you describe, especially if you have emotional consequences surrounding food. The possibility that your choice in food my be too high in carbohydrates or stimulants such as caffeine causing physical reactions could be the problem. Alot of times physical responses stem from an underlying pschycological issues. Only you can address this within yourself . If this idea is not a possibility, something is interrupting your digestive system so seek enzyme (pancreas) testing. Simple blood draw.

You may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Look it up and do some research. Then see a doctor. Good luck.

Tim Toy
stomach parasites??

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