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Why am I getting dizzy spells?!?
At least twice a month, I get to the point, where the whole room is spinning.
And I hadn't even been doing anything.
And they just randomly come on. ughh?!
Any ideas on what's wrong?

It sounds like you have "Vertigo".

Please google it for more info and if the symptoms match I would talk my doctor.

Don't stress though, because my grandmother has this and she's able to live a perfectly fine and normal life with medication.

well firstly u shouldnt even think about seeing a doctor.

I've had that before. I think it could be a number of things.
- If you change positions too fast, your blood pressure could drop too quickly.
- Low blood sugar.
- Inner ear problems.
- Heart off rhythm.
- Dehydration.
- Medication side effect.

You can take Dramamine if it gets worse. It seems to get better with time.

Sounds like anxiety attacks. You should go see your doctor and get it checked out. Sometimes they can just be caused by stress, or even guilt. It could also be something more serious, such as a tumor or aneurysm.

*Proud Mommy*
drink more water. you may be dehydrated

The Courageous PT DT #69
who the hell is sam f?

I am the only chicken on YA

it's almost sharkweek. you should know by now that's what it is gurl

i love you!
see you tomorrow

You might have Anemia, high colesterol levels, low glucose levels, vertigo, your menstruation? possibilities. Go see your physician and Hydrate.

Sound like it's either low blood pressure (see a GP!) or your eyes are playing up, u might need to get prescription glasses or if u already have, ur grades might have had changed (see an optometrist!) or lastly, maybe you're pregnant!

Anyways, if this has happened several times already...don't wait any longer, go and see a doctor. Just to be in a safe side.

Best of luck!

sam f
check your blood pressure, it might be low.

it can be that maybe u havnt eaten? or just a randomly dizzyness from something u did?

That can be alot of different things gurlie! Ask your self these;
A) Do you bleed alot during your period? ( you may be anemic; where you dont have as much red blood cells you need. Blood work will let you know)
B)Do you get dizzy when sitting or standing for too long? (You may have blood clots in your body somewhere)
C) Do you eat properly? ( If you dont get enought vitamins and minerals your body will give you hint before you get really sick)
D) Do you get dizzy when you move around alot? ( you may have vertigo- where your inner ear equiliberium is off and if you move too fast then that fluid in your ear will cause you to be dizzy from movement)
Anything else you need to have a dr diagnose you. hang in there gurl!! Good luck

My mum says when i get them that i have not drunk enough water

Stress, not enough fluids or water, maybe your diet is unhealthy, maybe need more exercise or less, blood pressure maybe off. There's tons of things it could be, I would go to a doctor for sure.

quit spinning around

Maybe the blood flow to your brain is kind of slow. How long has this been going on? If it's been a while, you should go to the doctor.

Its not Rocket Science
pms, or not eating right

Vertigo perhaps? Maybe low blood pressure. See a doctor.

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