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Which is worse, drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes?
Just pick one!

Mischele, RN♥
Both are bad, but smoking is worse. Alcohol can be drunken in moderation and the body will eliminate it in a few hours. Only with chronic, heavy drinking will there be severe damage to the body.

With smoking, you're putting a carcinogen in your body whether you smoke a cigarette a day or a pack a day and the effects are immediate and the damage lasts. The risks of lung cancer are high even for people who smoke for a little while and stop or who are light smokers. I've seen many patients who had lung cancer who had quit smoking 20, 30, 40 years ago and who would smoke like 1/4 pack a day. The damage to the lungs can be irreversible, especially the longer one smokes whereas liver damage is only done with prolonged smoking.

Personally i think smoking . it's not just the lung cancer thing though. It's because if you wanna mess up your body you can drink and it physically affects no-one else. however smoking affects others around you. I am an ex smoker.

cala s
smokeing ( u can drink 2 units of red wine a day good 4 ya

Smoking cigarettes is by far the worst!

Alcohol in moderation (a glass of wine a day) can actually be good for you. But anything in excess can be just as bad.

smoking cigarettes is more worse , bec of its content, it attack immeditely to your lung, then constrict ur ventricle and artery on ur heart, it will lead u to death. u knw if u stop 1 ours, 5 days a mos. then ur not engages to a 15 years ur heart will go back to normal,
cigarettes smoking is danger to ur health
too much dringking alcohol is not good, u can get hepa. ur brain malfunction and u have poor judgement

Phil H
Smoking is surely one of the worst things you can do to yourself (i used to do it!)

Chesh »
Smoking of course i hate it!!!


marie m
Smoking, because it poisons everyone around; with alcohol, you only poison yourself!

dimplez P
smoking...is defo

definitely smoking

Brian R

Cigarettes, the lungs are more susceptible to damage - my brother - in - law is on oxygen 24/7 and he gave up over 20 years ago. The smoking also damaged his heart - according to the doctors. But as he was a truck driver - I blame the greasy spoons! The liver can take some punishment - not too much but has a better chance than your lungs. The pancreas too is damaged - so they say by alcohol. Some causes are however genetic and idiopathic. The cigarettes are most addictive - but alcohol can be addictive particularly when it is used to relieve pain (because you doctor is crap) or to relieve anxiety or relieve the affects of another addiction.

cigarettes because others can be killed by your habit just from being near you.

Melissa A

Alcohol in moderation can be beneficial.
Smoking in any form is not only harmful to you but also others in the near vicinity.


Both are fantastic. Doing both at the same time? Unbeatable.

♥ Miss Sausage ♥
Smoking while drinking. The hangover is much worse! But to choose just one i'd say smoking. Good thing i gave up then!! The odd wee drink in moderation does us no harm.

Both in excess, but Smoking is if I must choose......

there both as bad as each other. smoking attacks the lungs and drinking attacks the liver.

~*tigger*~ **
alcohol causes poisoning of the cells
its taken into the blood through the stomach and travels to every cell in your body toxifing it
then its removed by the liver
alcoholics die of cirrhosis of the liver

smoking poisons the cells and people die of cancer if not heart damage

here's a list of toxins

damaged lung tissue


Raging Tranny

they are both as bad as eaching other and they are very expensive. They burn a hole in your pocket. Damage your liver, lungs, purse/wallet.

personal experience drinking

I won't pick just one. They are both bad, smokers are inconsiderate and cause health problems for themselves and others. Drinkers (if in excess) ruin their own lives/health and the lives of people around them.

ITS DEFINETLY drinking alcohol
without smoking cigarettes

Drinking Alcohol...........not much to choose though.

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