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the real voice
Which dies first the brain or the heart ?

It depends. The brain is still functioning so long as it is receiving proper blood flow from the heart. If one is having a heart attack the heart would stop first. If one has a stroke the brain is not receiving enough blood flow due to an arterial problem, the heart can still function just fine, but the brain could give out first.

Classic Beauty
I would have to say the heart..... since I don't have one.

The heart.

i guess the heart.. you could live with a messed up brain.. but not a messed up heart..you know what i mean

Jumbo Shrimp
Well, what do you mean by "die"?

The heart can be stopped, frozen, and even transplanted. The brain is irreversibly damaged after 5 minutes without oxygen.

As we have more medical technology to support organ function, you have to wonder what dying really is?

Cellar Door

Chantelle is my everything
the brain

When sudden and unexpected caessation of the effective heart action or beating due to some factors the brain gets inadequte blood suupy. If it does not get blood supply within 4 minutes the brain damages or dies. So the heart stops first then the brain dies;

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