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Claire Voyant
What would happen if a person were to drink bleach?
Like the kind you put in the washer with clothes (Clorox)? About a 8oz glass? What about an entire jug?

well you would die. but the hell would you want to do it in the 1st place?

both of those would kill you it would Poison you.. why are you asking?

well you burn your skin if it were to touch it. the acid would go straight through your skin and sort of melt it until you could see your bone. so just imagine drinking that and having that in your body. not good. you'd have to go to the hospital right away and get immediate attention.dont try that.

i think tht it would eat away at ur insides n ud bleed 2 death or ull poison urself 1rst but i wouldnt recomend tryin it.

You wouldn't be living much longer after said bleach chugging

i think it would kill them. wow, it would really hurt, i dont even know if they would be able to drink it, it would burn their mouth wicked bad. but if they did drink it they would die.

Jersey girl
The question is..................... what would make a person ask that question????

Pamela C
They would die an extremely painful death. If they did survive they would have brain damage. There was a case in the town I live in where a woman was raped and had bleach poured in her mouth. She has brian damage and lot's of pain from it. That was I believe they said maybe two tablespoons full and it did that much damage.

Well im just guessing but u would get poisoned and die after that!
Y would u ask!

They will die.

Joseph Goebbels
I drank a pint glass for a bet once, I was silk and coughing up blod for a week but hey i'm still here with 20 bucks in my pocket

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what could possibly happen?????????????

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, how about DYING!!!!!

u would get a superpower

just look at michael jackson =)

Sodium Hypochlorite and chlorine gas are corrosive. It would cause tissue necrosis. Ingesting it orally would cause you to vomit and cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Though a large amount, like you asked, would cause all that along with most likely causing pulmonary complications (i.e., ARDS) and result in death.


they would die! bleach would taste awful who would want to drink bleach?

First u will feel that u are going 2 heaven
second ur dead
Third u turn white
fourth u wont feel ur self

Kilroy Roboto
Extreme pain, followed by an agonizing death.

r u crazy u will dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dont try it im warning you it will mess you up and u will die

i dont know, but dont try it, because bleach is very bad for someone if they swallow any. I think

jordynn :]
you would die.

they would die. please don't drink bleach.

It would be the last thing they drink. Have you ever seen Heathers!? (love that movie)

he might feel a bit dizzy but should be ok



They would die an excruciatingly painful death.

Emily M
They would die... :|

I don't know what you mean the stuff you put in clothes, but if you mean proper bleach it'd strip their throat and stomach bare! ie. very painful death most probably!

Nathan L
U DIE .............DAH

you turn white

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