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 Why do I hear a high pitched sound when I turn on the TV?
It's really irritating when I turn the TV on I hear it, but when the TV is off I don't hear it,what is it?Can I cure it?...

 Did you know it was against the law to sneeze?
Last night me and my dog walked down to the cemetery, which is 1 block down the street. A cop pulled over and asked me for my ID, well when I got it out of my pocket I accidentally sneezed. He ...

 My leg is so painful !! :'( i wanna cry it's that bad :(?
4 or 5 months ago i was crushed at school.. about 12 people fell on top of me.. all over 6 foot !!! :@

I had internal bleeding and had a week off school and was forced back to school by my ...

 I want to rip off my finger nails, help?
I don't know if any one else out in this world can relate to this, but none of my family or friends take me seriously when I say this, but I always have the urge to rip off my fingernails ...

 What's removed in a splenectomy ?
Please give a star thank you....

 How do you exit your Sleep Paralysis state?
I find that breathing really hard & quickly to get my heart rate going seems to make it end quicker since it wakes me up... or maybe I just convince myself that it does. What do you do?


 How many calories are in a regular 12oz. can of beer??
prove it, thanks :)...

 How to pass a drug test, 4 days away HELP!!!?
I was just informed that I have to take drug rehabilitation classes due to having marijuana at school. My first class is this Saturday and my dad JUST told me today about it, and I smoked a half a ...

 How does Ca and Mg affect ur state of ur muscles...?
sometimes I get this really bad muscles cramps, and the milk and Mg dosage I'm taking is not helping..:(...

 Did you wake up from anasthesia crying?
Today, due to my miscarriage that didn't fully happen, I had to have a D&C this morning and when I woke up from my anasthesia, I was bawling my eyes out for no apparent reason!!! I was not ...

 Does Potassium somewhat counteract the negative affects sodium?

 What makes the roof of your mouth itch and what can be done about it?
The roof of my mouth has been itching really bad the last few days and nothing I do makes it go away, it just goes away on its own and then comes back. Do any of you know why this happens and what ...

 Can stress cause....?
forgetfulness? Admittedly, I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but lately I'm forgetting the smallest of things...

Could it be stress related? Thank you....

 What happens to gum when you swallow it?
Does it digest into your system? Does it stay in your stomach? What happens when your stomach accumulates too much gum? Could you die from over-accumulation?...

 what's wrong with me.....?
i try to snezze but i can't, only a cough comes out,is that bad?...

 someone help please (serious question)?
okay for the past 3 weeks i have been feeling really sick to my belly i do have acid refulx and the docor said it wasnt a ulcer but everytime or most of the time i eat i get sick but i do smoke and ...

 What is the best way to treat soar throat?
I have presentation this Saturday! I need help! Fast!...

 does it hurt when you loose...?
When you loose your virginity? I know that sometimes it's different for different people. But still you know..does it?!...

 how can someone get smrat?
this question always been on my mind....

 Could I do something about the ER doctor?
I took my 5 year old son to emergency room yesterday morning. He was running a fever and throwing up. He has asthma and has an allergy of trimox which is a form of penicillin, his dad is allergic ...

What does it mean when someone says...?
GIVE ME LINK, i know it isn't good but idk what?

CFC ♪♫ Careefreee ♪♫
Haven't got a clue..
infact this is the first time iv'e heard that expression before

Jilibean Reinstated
Sounds obscene really..I'd keep my link to myself.

fleur de lis mock ILF TTC #0
put a 'link' to the website that your question refers to up. Or let me see your pecker.

Pimp Stain
It means they want your sausage. And it is good, very good. Be polite and give them a sausage suprise!

Good luck and I hope this helps.

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