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 does weed stunt your growth?
hey, do you know if smoking alot of weed when not full grown can stunt growth? ...

 Does anyone in the medical profession know how a person acts after they get an IV injection of Versed?
Have you seen people who are under the effect of Versed? Are you in a medical profession? I was wondering if it is possible for a person to talk when they've had it. Are their eyes open? I ...

 why are they still selling cigarettes?
if it's bad for your health and addictive the way to make people stop smoking is to ban all cigarettes not to have any cigarettes at all not by selling them for higher prices....

 Correcting me if I spell wrong : Electric surge. is this right or wrong?

 Is going to the restroom something strenuous or do you find plenty of rest there?

 Why the pharmacy handing out pill bottles filled with candy to kids?

 Why do you get a shiver up your spine when you hear nails on a chalkbord?
I'm just wondering....

 What's Wrong With Me? Cure? HELP PLEASE!?
i think i have a fever.
these are my signs and symptoms: i have a massive head ache, my throat hurts so much, i keep caughing, i sneeze occasionally, my ear hurts, i keep feeling like im gonna ...

 Is aspirin suppose to spell bad?
I just opened a bottle of aspirin, and it smells absolutely disgusting. I take aspirin occassionally and never noticed that it had a bad taste or smell. The expiration date is May of 2010, so it is ...

 Sinus Condition Question?
I have had a bad sinus infection for the pass week,now it has gotten around my cheek and ear making it hard for me to hear.I can't go to the Dr. cause my insurance was dropped after i was laid ...

 How to help a friend who is quitting smoking?
This friend is trying really hard so it's not a matter of convincing him to quit. But I've never been a smoker so don't know what he's going through. How to best support his ...

 What are some non-medical ways to overcome bad sleeping habits?
For the past 6 years I have developed bad sleeping habits. I do have insomnia and am currently taking medication for it, yet it does not help. My doctor wants to up my dosage, but my parents are ...

 Why is it that everytime I eat my stomach starts to hurt?
It seems like whenever I eat, no matter how much or what food, my stomach starts to hurt badly afterward, like I ate too much even if it was a very small portion. It will hurt for hours too, not just ...

 I taste metal in my mouth...everything I eat tastes like metal, what could this be?

 Why does my lower right stomach hurt?
Okay. I'm 14 years old and my right lower stomach hurts. My boyfriend's mother says it might be my appendix, but my mother says it could be my period. But i have been off it for about 1 ...

 know any good methods on how to fall asleep faster?
i've always had trouble getting to sleep at night, and it's really taking it's toll. i'm always exhausted, and when i need to be awake during the day - all i want to do is sleep ...

 Why do I always sneeze when going from a darkened area, to going outside in the sun?
Could I be allergic to the sun? I don't know if that's possible or not, but if anyone has heard of this could you shed some light on the subject?
The darkened area I mentioned would ...

 Are yellow lights/bulbs bad for eyesight?
Are they bad for like reading books?...

 Will i grow any taller?
Im 16 and i am 5'6. I was wondering if i was going to grow any taller? My Mom is 5'5 and my dad is 5'10 or 5'11?. I was wondering because my younger brother is catching up to my ...

 Have you been depressed before? Did you go to the doctor and get medicine? Did it help? How long were you on?
the medicine? Is it abnormal to get depressed at least one time in your life? How old are you? Male or female? Thanks....

B r e e
What does it mean when someone cries, but no tears come out?
I've seen one of my friends do this. He told me he was crying, then I asked "Why aren't there any tears?" He said, "They don't come out anymore."

But, believe me he had the most pained look on his face and was pressing his eyes, I could tell he had the same emotion.

Is there a certain word for this? Is it a health problem?

I'm a bit curious, it was pretty depressing to see that.

Uh sweet heart.. he was most likely faking it.

it's called stupidity

I donno, but it's the same with me. It's like you are crying but you can't physically cry. Probably because of the fact guys hold it in so much that they sort of lose the ability to, so when they have to they actually cant, but they are on the inside... if that makes sense.

also your avatar picture is very cute

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