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What causes limbs to fall asleep?
Hand feet etc...

from what I understand, it's due to a lack of blood supply. There's not enough blood flowing to the area so it starts to get numb. (pins & needles)

Loss of blood flow to them...

Bay Area Gal
Lack of blood circulation in those particular parts of your body. Notice when you're sitting with your ankle tucked under your leg, your foot has a tendency to "fall asleep" ... it's because the weight of your leg and perhaps the rest of your body was pressing down on your ankle and cutting off the circulation of blood to your foot.

Most likely what i know of could be poor circulation.. but to make sure I'd go to the doctor and find out whats going on.

if you keep the boby limb in one postion for awhile the blood will stop moving to that limb and when you move it the blood rushes to that spot and has the affect of the limb falling asleep and then waking up

lack of blood circulation. Like if you wer esitting on your feet, then it would slowly cut off circulation. this can happen to any other area too, when pressure is applied.

A lousy master who overworks them. :P

poor circulation

Lack of appropriate oxygen carried by the blood. Oxygen has to reach all the tissues of the body or there is a reaction which causes a mild neuralgia.

Lack of blood flow

When you sit on your leg or lay on your arm, for instance, you kind of cut off the blood circulation to that area. Hence, your limb gets all tingly and "asleep".

If your limbs are falling asleep on their own, you might have a pinched nerve and you'll want to see a doctor about it. Otherwise, stop sitting on yourself! lol

Lack of circulation. When the arm or leg is put in a position where the blood veins and arteries are pinched the blood will not flow properly. There are medical reasons for this as well so if you have this problem often then go see a doctor.

lack of blood flow. if you sit like say on your ankles (indian style seating) your are restricting the blood flow to your vessels in that area, and then when you release it it flows..and that's where you ghet the tingly feeling from.

Having them in a position that cuts the blood supply will cause them to fall asleep. However, if the limbs fall asleep for no known reason, it's wise to get it checked out. I have multiple sclerosis and it began with my right leg falling asleep.

it is usually caused by extended pressure on the sensory/motor nerves that supply that particular piece of anatomy

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