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 Am I sick? Please read on to answer?
When I breathe, my throat is hot. If I take deep breathes, my upper body hurts. It hurts when I hiccup. I sometimes stop breathing. I can't breathe. I have a normal temperature and no sore ...

 Stress And HeartBurn At 12!!?
I'm a 12 year old girl and I get alot of stress, sometimes I would get heart burn.I'm worried alot. My dad says that I'm to young to have stress and heartburn and that I shouldn't ...

 What to do for a nose ring infection?
I've been noticing around my nose ring has been getting really dry so I put lotion on it a few days ago. The next day it started itching and I just thought I was allergic to the lotion. Last ...

 Feeling stressed! Anyone know some good ways to relax?
exams are coming up, bunch of things...Long story short i just don't feel well at all! Can anyone plz help me out?!...

 how much 'bad' meat do you have to eat before you get sick?
I ate meat that was bad. It smelled, and was 'scaly'. It was turkey breast. I ate about half a sub's worth before I noticed...am I going to get food poisioning, is there anything i can ...

 How to increase testosterone?

 I'm sick and not eating!!!?
Okay so I'm sick and when Im sick I ALWAYS eat but today all I ate was 2 spoonfuls of oatmeal and 2 small bites of pizza forcing myself to eat I'm not hungry at all which is so odd for me!! ...

 Have you ever done this. What's wrong with me?
Today in college I had the most massive twitch. It's like it struck my whole body and I jumped out of my seat without realizing....

 Why am I always so cold, and what should I do about it?
And please don't just say put on a sweater :P The thing is I am always freezing, a lot of times even when it's warm out I'll be freezing. I wasn't always like this, but lately I�...

 What's the difference between MD and DO?

 Is soybean oil healthy?
I got those Italian crackers "Gran Pavesi" with olive, and I noticed they have a (hydrogenated) soybean oil in them. Is that good for my health? Can I get a prion disease like FFI from them?...

 when did you escape a place/period of time that you did not like to freedom? and why?
for the past 7 years i have been living a very difficult live, to cut it short, parents divorce, horrible step dad, family problems and the area which i live in, it's got to the point were i ...

 HELP! How to get rid of a bruise?
My aunt got this big bruise on her ankle for no reason. Last week it was small and then it grew alot. She broke her ankle a few years ago and has had problems with it ever since. She walks alot. She ...

 Expired Lovaza.......?
I have about 30 pills of Lovaza and they expired 5 months ago can you still take these. These Are pretty Expensive pills so i just wanted to make sure....

 please help medical marijana pationt or care taker?
Ok before I sart ima tell u my story so I can get the best answer ok when I was younger i broke my hand and now its in constin pain also I can't sleep and it gets bad to then I don't know ...

 I wet the bed last night and i have been recently and im 13 what should i do??!! :(?
i have a mattress cover but i don't have any diapers or pants yet. I go for a pee before i go to bed, and i dont drink much at all before bed. And im sure it was pee!! I am also a very deep ...

 Have you ever needed to pee but there was no bathroom?
OK. Basically i'm really bored and i need a laugh so plz write any funny stories about a time when you needed to go but there was no bathroom. Or any other funny stories you can think of! Plz ...

 If I was near someone who just threw up will I get the stomach virus she has?
I was near her face because we were at cheerleading. She has a stomach virus with throwing up nd diarrhea and I'm just concerned I will get it. Will I get it? She did not throw up on or near me.....

 I need help with my purely obsessive ocd?
Im on prozac and im going to see a therapist today but should i go see a psychiatrist instead... also has anyone had this and able to get over it. its horriable don't want to feel this way any ...

 Does concerta (ADHD) pills cause eye twitching?
I started taking concerta pills, and my eyes started twitching. Like when I go in the Mirrow I see above my eye lids i see like the veins popping out every 10 seconds. It gets kinda annoying should I ...

What can i do at home to bring my THC levels down?

Captin Caveman
Stop smoking weed, drink lots of water with some B12 and some niacin. Like a gallon or so every 6 hours. Also eat food during this time cause you could bleed out your electrolyte levels to a dangerous levels. You should in theory speed up your metabolism so your urine would be clear during such test. However they do have test to see if you had taken so called cleaners in your system if the B12 and niacin levels are too high. So keep it them low and drink plenty of water to flush your system. If it is a military piss test. You are shit out of luck, they vaporize your piss to gas levels and can determine it that way. So even the smallest amount would show up. Police have simple bottle tester or a paper dip or dap tester. These ones can not produce an actuate result and is not very accurate since other chemicals could test as positive. If you are military, please self refer yourself prior to any piss test. Not the day of, unless your name was not drawn. If it was, the self refer program can't help. If it wasn't then you are in luck cause you can be protected if it does pop hot during a refer program test. Now when you come of that, that is it. You can't self refer twice. It is a one shot help me deal.

2 x tins of condensmilk One in the morning and one early afternoon, will reduce ur THC levels!

J Skilz
stop taking thc in. then start excerising. burn calories and such. thc is stored in fat cells so think about ways to increase metabolism. drinking lot of fluids works to dilute urine tests also.

Sell Sell
stop smaoking, pothead. dah.

Michael S
Stop smoking weed. Ha ha seems pretty straightforward to me...

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