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 Why do i keep getting deja vu and then nausea?
I keep getting deja vu and then I get like i'm going to puke. I've never actually puked just gagged, but today i actually puked. i don't know why i do this. i feel like i've ...

 Alcoholic Mom! Need Help!?
My mom is an alcoholic by night. Whenever I try and talk to her about it (when she's sober) and really let her know how I feel, she denies it. She is ruining my life and I hate her for it. She ...

 sleeping problems please help?
I have problems sleeping at night i lay in bed and i cant fall asleep i stay up all night, i have alot of things on my mind with health and money situations can this be whats causing me not to sleep? ...

 Is it bad to take 2,000 mg of vitamin C on a daily basis?
what are side effects if any
I have been putting 2 packets of Emergen-C in my water bottle ...

 I gave up smoking and now have annoying pins and needles what is this?
I gave up 22 days ago, Im still craving for a smoke! I am chewing on the nicorette like a chewer! Sincelast week I have had pins and needles in my lower legs when they are still its worse at night, W...

How do you get rid of hiccups ive had them for like 3days and ive tryed everything i can think of.
Please Help!!!!!


 What is a good way to look sick for work tomorrow?
So I called out today because I wanted to sleep in. I have a feeling my boss is expecting that I faked, so I want to make it seem believable tomorrow that I was indeed sick. What are some ways to ...

 Have you had physical therapy?
If so, what did you like/ dislike about it? I'm about to start working as a physical therapist. I wonder how clients/patients view their experiences with therapy....

 i can't get much air!!?
ok well i was sitting at the table in the kitchen reading a book. i got up to go get some water and when i took a breath, i could barely inhale any air. i'd try inhaling again but only a little ...

 Why is it after I have a cig, I also have to poo?
This isn't just me it happens to my friends ...

 Does any one know of a way to get (thc )from marijuana out of your system?
i am looking for something other than the stuff you can purchase(.for example goldstar fruit drink).we have two weeks to do this....

 some one help me pleas?
bewsides saying hurry see a doctor tell me what this might be ok i was sick 5 weeks ago with the flue and had tons of post nasl drip and nopw my cheast feels ticklish and my throat and i have a ...

 I need a good remedy for stinky feet. I cant keep my work boots from smelling no matter how hard I try.?
I work 10-12 hour shifts so my boots see a lot of time on my feet. My feet sweet like crazy. what can I do for the swet and the smell?...

 What duties does a social worker do in the emergency room department?
I will be interviewing for a social worker position in the emergency room department, night shift. I'd like to be prepared for the interview by knowing what the social worker would being in this ...

 how is marijuanna bad?
ive tried it. ive felt happier. it helped me gain weight. my iq is fine. i dont feel self-concious. but with all the anti-weed stuff going on, im beggining to believe it my self. actually, i have no ...

 ok so i got a hair follicle drug test question for y'all?
ok so im trying to go to this school for electric and they do hair follicle drug test out there and im not to sure that im gonna pass its been about a month since ive really messed with anything and ...

 little worm things in vision?
sometimes i see little transparent sting like things in my field of vision. not major just subtle little things and that move around when i move my eyes. i heard they are remnants from some tube when ...

 A very nice lady from work gave me Hair clips and ties. How do I clean them?
I am not saying that she is gross or anything I just don't like wearing other people's hair stuff....

 How to get rid of my bad habbit of saying eww?
I have a habit to say eww before i see. Like once my friend showed my a picture of herself and i said eww. The pictures isn't disgusting, it really pretty. But its a habit to say eww. I don'...

 Best way to relieve itchy eyes?
I suffer from TERRIBLE allergies.
Bad news--i have contacts, so i cant use eyedrops.

Besides eyedrops, what is the best way to relieve itchy eyes?...

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What are some good things to eat when you have pneumonia?
I have pneumonia. And I havent barely touched food in two days.


I'm seriously really weak, so please don't give me a complicated food.

Sushi and Green Tea.

chicken soup- amoxil 250mg t.d.s , toast,dry, V8 juice -Dunn's river Nourishment -tastes vile but will get you up and about soon-alternatively your pharmacy hide 'food in a can' behind the front of shop for people who can't swallow chunks-i swear by this stuff -not profanities


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