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 What would be considered "light sedation"?
I was supposed to have 3 sets of cervical facet injections this morning. But despite 10 mg of valium taken last night and the same this morning, I was incredibly nervous. I also have full body ...

 What is the longest time a person stayed awake? And can your health be affected from no sleep?

 Physical Exam tomorrow?
1. What will go on during a female's 16 year old physical at the doctors office? 2. What would my doctor do if I told her about my mother being an alcoholic? Will she be able to tell anyone? (S...

 The first time I was high off weed this happened, normal?
So I don't do this anymore, but used to all my friends would drive high and were totallyyy fine. So i made the mistake of getting high with my friends the first time while i was high. Well I ...

 Is it possible for one to explode due to gorging on food?

 What are the side affects of quitting something you are addicted too?
And by that I mean anything where you take something away from your body....

 What are the effects of anemia?
My parents think i have it and my friend says its really bad.. I'm kinda scared......

 i found these brown rectangles that smell like urine?
My boyfriends 18 year old nephew staid with us a week ago. I immediately said that the room (my 2 year old sons) room started smelling like urine. It was still stinking and it was driving me crazy ...

 how do you get weed out of your body?
im getting tested next ...

 Problem with old drug addiction?
I used to smoke pot every day and then moved to cocaine and then meth. I used meth a total of about 30 times and cocaine every day for about 4 months and had smoked pot every day for 3 years. I got ...

 My motabolizom is weirding me out?
Okay 2 days ago.... i weighed 127 pounds and then i weighed myself today and i weigh 120 pounds! why is my motabolizim so weird??! its scarring ...

 worst headache and blurry vision after i triped over?
today while i was playing sport i tripped over and when i tripped over i had a very blurry vision and a bad headache and dizziness help whats going on ? i feel better now but what happend to me !...

 What type of sickness do i have?
I am sore all over my body. I have a fever (usually 102 or 103). My throat hurts. I'm tired all the time. And I am freezing cold. Anyone know what I might have? Thanks for any answers... A...

 hack up blood pls help me?
i have been having congestion problems lately and tonight and ive been trying to hack up all the mucus, i hacked and a lot of blood was starting to come out with my spit, im not sure where im ...

 what can i do to relieve stress?
i always have headaches, can it be from stress? im always thinking about stuff like did i lock the door? did i turn the lights off? are the windows closed? what if this would of happend? how can i ...

 Will I be okay if I accidentally tasted a little nailpolish remover?
so I was taking off nailpolish and then I went to eat and I tasted the nailpolish remover was still on my hands. Will I be okay? I think I feel sick, but it could be just a panic attack....

 I have a pretty bad sunburn, and was just wondering what I should do to make it better?
And what temperature should the water be when I have a shower?...

 What should I do about my throat?
ok, yesterday i had basketball practice. i had a dry throat during the day and after we ran, it started to hurt bad.my throat looks inflamed. whenever i swallow, it hurts worse. sometimes my thoat ...

 how can i get to sleep quickly, URGENT!?
i can't gett out of my room so dont tell me warm milk or ect ect i need my sleep i have insomnia and i am struggling with it i have no tablets i just need simple methods to help me ...

 Last night I had bad diarhea..?
last night I had two episodes of diareah between the space of one hour. Then the morning after (this morning) I had a normal poo. Does this mean I'm better now? I won't have diareahha ...

My toes lock up and i cant move them.?
My toes or a toe "lock" up and I am unable to straighten. What is going on? This happens alot spontaniously for no reason it is VERY uncomfortable and almost painful. I just have to wait until it stops. It happens usually randomly and my toes (not the big one) just curl down..and i cant even move them..until 10 seconds later when the fix thmeseleves..wut is this?

That happens to me too ! I really hope you find out what it is... because, i want to know too. Good luck!

It's a cramp and i really hate them to! nothing you can do except maybe bite on something [but not another person!]......ps good thing for spell checker cause when i put down it's a cramp i accidentally left the ''m'' out...! lol

that happens to me sometimes!! you literatly have to pull them back yourself. its nothing to be worried about though its normal. try not to crack any knucles alot cause that can help cause them to lock

I have this and I hate this. It is just muscle or ligament strangulation. Its like your muscles get twisted in your foot, and you need to relax the muscle by not moving it. Not ligament, another muscle. Forgot. :/

i don't know what it is, but that used to happen to me all the time :/

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