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 I ate expired fruit snacks, what will happen?
I ate some fruit snacks that expired on 12/07/2010
will I get food poisoning? or what will happen to me? :(...

 How to get rid of Diarrhea?
Ever since I went to Chinatown on I believe Saturday [(I ate some fish thing) So it's been three days]and I've been ridiculously gasey, I don't need to go to the bathroom every second ...

 A spider bit me...what kind of spider?
I have a headache, numb foot from foot to knee, feel sick, hard to breathe, It will get red also and then it will swell but then the swelling will go down...I don't want answers like go to the ...

 Is it possible to shrink ?
Okay , I'm 13 and I'm only 5'0" . Last year I was 5'2" , But since then I have shrunk two inches . My mom's friend says it's because I smoke cigarettes but all ...

 How long on average does it take to get addicted to smoking?
I smoke roughly 2 a day, and I know I'm not addicted as I could stop at any time, if I chose to. However, I am wondering how many a day roughly does it take for someone to become addicted? Or, ...

 Marijuana Drug Test Question?
I Smoked marijuana December 31st, and I forgot I had court January 6th. I don't know if they are going to Drug Test me, but just to be safe. How can I get it out of my system in 3 days? Is it ...

 Does liquid help digestion?
Does drinking hot water after eating help with digestion?
I'm not always allowed to drink tea

I've been having digestion problems lately.
My stomach just doesn't ...

 Why do I feel weak and sick to my stomach?
I've Ben eating all normal and heathy foods but that makes me feel sick. It gets really bad when I stand for too long or walk for too long. It just started a few days ago so I've been ...

 cartilage piercing is so itchy?
I got it pierced on 22nd of december and i thought it was infected but it wasnt cos i went to doctor and then cleaned it how they said by using hot salty water then cold salty water to get the ...

 How much to you bleed when your cherry gets poped ?
Like do younger girls bleed bad and how bad does it hurt when it gets poped ?...

 What is this type of nurse called?
I wanted to know what type of nurse takes care of newborn babies, premature babies, and/or babies in the incubator. I want to be this type of nurse really badly and since i am still in highschool so ...

 What does pepto-bismol do and when should I take it?

 How to fall asleep when your restless and worried?
so I can't fall asleep simply because I'm working myself up over falling asleep. I'm exhausted but I'm keeping myself awake by worrying about falling asleep! Help:/...

 I vomited a red substance twice in the past week. What could this be?
I have not had any red food or anything. The first time I had eaten a salad and some broccoli/cheese soup. This time I had been eating fruit all day (banana, orange, apple, and applesauce). But both ...

 Is it possible to have a zip tie fettish?
I Love zip ties and every time i see one i get turned on....or do i just like bondage?...

 does guitar playing disable fingers?
im 15 years old and love to play guitar, mostly electric, im into soloing...... will this disable my fingers when im older? does guitar playing over work any muscles in fingers that could someday ...

 How long is the normal amount of time to fall asleep in?
When you first get into bed an close your eyes how long does it usually take you to fall asleep?
On average it takes me 2-3 hours, do you think I have insomnia? I also wake up almost every ...

 I can't sleep through the night. What can I do?
This has been going on for about a week now, and it's never happened before. I can go to sleep, but then I wake up a couple times a night. Last night I went to be at 7pm (I was sick) and woke up ...

 Could something be wrong with my brain?? (10pts)?
I'm getting really worried. I'm 13 and every time are 7 aclock I like go half blind. I have to squint to read things.. and I'm not tired at all. And the lights are on so its not dark. I...

 Best medicine for sore throat and stuffy nose?
I have a really stuffy nose, I cant hardly breathe. And now I have a sore throat and cant swallow. I have tried Aleve cold and sinus, Coreciden cold and flu, and NyQuil. But nothing seems to be ...

My new ear piercings are sore and itchy.?
They are tender to the touch and a little red sometimes. Normal? They're just lobe piercings. And I'm still medicating them.

Priscilla Eve
to relieve the itchiness & soreness put sea salt in water mix well and then apply with cottonball. do that 3-4 times a day no more than that. You can also rub ice on it to reduce inflammation/soreness.

They probably itch because they are healing.

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