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 Out of World Experience while taking Ultram.?
When I was 16 (I'm now 19) I was diagnosed with Cavernous Angioma. My neurologist said I had a micro-aneurysm in the speech and thought process of my brain.
The side effects of this is a ...

 Can anyone identify the name of this ailment and what it possibly may be a sign of...?
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 What time and day do most people die?

 so according to The Secret, i can become thin by thinking that i am and eating whatever i want?
and also do u think its true that a person can heal horrible eyesight to 20/20 vision just by thinking they can see clearly??
i just wanna believe that!...

 Stressed out?
How do you get less stressed 8-) i feel like everything is just getting on top of me and i cant get everything done!!! How do you relieve stressssss?...

 how can u become blind?
ps i want to become ...

 why do you get wax in your ears?

 How come that when one is tired, dark circles form around their eyes?
i'm really curious......

 Mixing alcohol, marijuana, and?
can you have alcohol and/or marijuana if you take anti-emetics?...

 is it possible to have two or 3 different strains of the flu virus at once or does the main virus take over???

 Is methadone treatment worse than heroin addiction?

 Laser eye surgery?
ive been doing alot of research on this procedure, and also went into a local place for a free consultation, but im still not convinced. Im only 22 and my vision gets worse and worse by the year, i ...

ive had this humming in my ear since i could ever remember. i forget what the name of it is. ive never been diagnost with this. but anywho....my right ear is very sensitive, i have a curling iron ...

 What causes a headache after crying?

 Why is it that almost everyone thinks that whiplash is NO BIG DEAL?

 I am scared of needles and getting shots can anyone help Does the TB shot hurt ????
does tb shot hurt what can i do to not be scared of ...

 Bulimia, throwing up black tar?
Alright, I know about it ALL. I've been to the ER at Children's hospital and the best they could say was that there's a "waiting list" for treatment. So, i've been ...

 how do you boost your growth hormones for height?
i swim everyday too! does stretching your muscles, i.e. your hamstring to the limit help?...

 Websites selling prescription medication?
I heard that there are websites selling legit prescription medication online without a prescription. Is this for real?...

 how does a blind person know when they are done wiping their bottom?
its a honest question, several of us are really curious so please just answer best of your ability....

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
It feels like my food isn't digesting?
For as long as i can remember I would occasionally have this weird feeling in my stomach like my food is just sitting there, like right now I just ate a granola bar and a big glass of water for breakfast, It's probably been an hour or two since I ate it, but It feels like it is just in my stomach, I also feel nauseous. (I've eaten these bars before and had no problem, also I don't think they're past their exp. date).

and last night my stomach was acting the same way, when I ate a piece of pizza.

What could this be?

You might have an issue with acid in general. Your stomach may be over-producing acid which can leave you feeling bloated and nauseous, particularly if you lay down and the acid can travel back up your oesophagus. Try eating smaller meals more often, rather than bigger meals. Don't eat too fast, don't lie down until at least three hours after a meal and avoid spicy and fatty foods. You could also try some over the counter antacids and see if they help at all.

Increase your physical activity and your digestion will just smile

Go to your doctor! Some of the people on this website can be smart, but let's face it, some people might be making up stuff for those 4 points! So go to your doctor, and get the real deal on what to do. (:

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