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Lisa, that's me!
Is too much Ibuprofen bad for you?
My boyfriend and I disagree about this. I think that if you are taking 6 a day for a month or two, it could be damaging. He thinks that unless you take that much everyday for the rest of your life, there's no side effects. Whats the answer? Also, same with Tylonol, Motrin, Asprin, ect...

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anyone needs to be seen by a doctor before taking any meds. Side effects can come almost immediately or may take time....you can never be too sure. Better to be safe.

YES!!!!!!! its bad for u! it will rot away at ur stomach. check with ur dr to see if u can get on some kind of heavy duty pain killers if ur in that much pain that u need to take 180 ibuprofen a month!!

YES. If he even NEEDS 6 a day, he needs medical attention. Ibuprofen and other medications like that can create ulcers in your stomach when taken that much over even a month. Also, that is an over the counter drug overdose. If you dont follow the instructions on the bottle, yes it can damage you.

there are side affects read the bottle and it can cause stomach problems and its not good.

i think that is dangerous.

Too much (/too little) of anything is bad for you - everything must be taken in moderation

it damages your liver. you will have problems later in life. don't take ibuprofen every day.

Marisa j
yes, it burns through your asofagas.

♥ B1tchHere ♥
Have a nice liver!
Why would he need to take that much for so long.

***obviously too much of anything is bad for you.. your boyfriend is just endangering himself by taking that much meds.*********

I think it says on the bottle to not take it for longer than two weeks. It could prolly hurt ur liver if u take it long term, especially if u drink on it. A month or two probably isn't too bad... but idn how to really gauge it.

Any kind of medicine can bad for u. Even if its not over the counter, ibuprofen if not taking in correct doses a day can be brain damaging. If ur taking it just for the hell of it and not for wat its made for can also become a drug problem in the future remember not all drugs are from the street most can be found in your own medicine cabinet.

Alotta Fagina
it thins your blood. which in the long run can be bad for you....

especially when youre on your period....

or everytime you get a cut, you will bleed a lot and for a long time.

I think too much of anything is bad for you and 6 a day for a month or two of any meds is too much.

Yes, taking that much ibuprofen on a consistent basis is damaging to your liver and can also be harmful to stomach.

It is bad for your stomach. Why is he taking 6 a day? Does he suffer from Headaches? I take up to 4 when I get headaches and I know it isn't good for me.

Long-term use can make your stomach bleed. I would follow the directions presicely and if you can't, I'd discuss usage with your doctor.

yes, your liver will go thru overload and shorten your life.

my daughter has lots of female problems. she was taking so much ibuprofen that the whites of her eyes were yellowish/orange colored like the tablets.
it was not a liver problem either.

he's wrong, there are side effects to your stomach and lining can aslo cause ulcers if used for too long.

it;s not the same with a low dose aspirin taken to help the heart.

if the pain persisits where her feels like he needs it every few hours, then you have to go to the doctor

Eminem almost died from taking 18 tylenols. Well, he was trying to kill himself on purpose, so yeah of course too much ibuprofen is bad for you! My parents would slap me if I tried to take more than 2 ibuprofens at once.

Tell your boyfriend to stop!!

p.s. psshh you spelled lacrosse wrong! bwahaha-- I'll see you tomorrow! :)

That much Ibuprofen in 24 hours over an extended time will do damage to his liver. After a while his liver will shut down..and thats not good.

Aspirin and Tylenol also are bad. Tylenol contains Acetaminophen, which has been known to damage the liver and kidneys.

Starting symptoms of liver failure including yellow patches on the skin and eyes.

Yes, its too powerful, but go see a doctor if it gets worse!

Yes it's true . It is a wonderful drug if taken in the right way. TOO much of anything is bad for you.

It can do severe, unreversible damage to the liver and will start damaging the other organs as time progresses.

Ibuprofen has acetamenaphin in it, and too much can make you tired, damage your liver, and cause a possible overdose. When I overdosed, my mom called poison control and they said I had to go to the hospital right away.
As for tylenol and aspirin, some people, like my dad, have to take that everyday to keep blood clots from forming. But that's a lower dosage.

Yes, is he thumbs downing everyone answering this?!?

The maximum is 4 doses/day.

It can cause circulatory problems leading to bleeding & a heart attack or stroke.
Stomach bleeding or perforation in the stomach lining (hole) evidenced by vomiting up blood like coffee grounds; diarrhea or black tarry stools; heartburn; indigestion; burning in throat; damage to esophagus which can lead to Barrett's esophagus & esophageal cancer.
Excessive bleeding & bruising.
Swollen ankles.

Blurred vision, loss of coordination.

Google: Mayo clinic>>drugs>>ibuprofen
mayo clinic>>GERD
>>Barrett's Esophagus

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