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Is smoking pot habit forming or addictive?
and what's the difference?

It's kind of hard to sell me the idea that pot isn't addictive. I mean so many people say they can quit but give it a week and a bad day, then they're back smoking a joint. A better example is seeing a person who has recently quit smoking it become edgy and have a few little side effects from no longer smoking. So how can someone classify it as not being addictive if it actually a hard thing to stop doing?

Just curious, I don't actually plan to start or anything.

Yes it is

William M
It can be

but if your the right kinda person, anything can be.

Its like saying " I'm addicted to pizza"
you like it so much you feel a craving some times

but its not like cigarettes

if you ever had tried to stop you'll know what i mean

you actually get SICK and feel like you are gona die when you quit cigs you feel angry and upset for a weeks

I've had to quit smoking pot to get a job before, its a bit sad to say good bye to such a lovely herb but it doesn't make you go thru hell like some things do

you can die from the withdraws of alcohol addiction

Me! :- )
Anything which is a "feel good" can be addictive to a person with and addictive type personality!
Pot isn't chemically addictive, but it can be emotionally and habit addictive.
It causes a shift in perspective and perception of reality, which may become a desirable hide away, or recreational place to live, where a person doesn't feel like being bothered with being bothered! That could, I guess be interpreted as an addiction.

Marijuana is NOT addicting. Not physically. Maybe mentally. And it's not habit forming, meaning you need more and more to get you high.
I smoked every day from age 17-23. Then I met my husband, who is naturally high, and I quit cold turkey and had no side effects and didn't miss it one bit.
Some teenagers just need something to make them high. Otherwise everything is boring. I think smoking pot is much safer than drinking alcohol. Now THAT'S addicting!!
Interesting question deserves a star! :)

The answer is "kinda". It's not addictive like nicotine, but it can become a psychological crutch. You just hate life without it kinda thing...

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