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Is it true that your eyelashes cannot grow back if they are removed for whatever reason?

well it depends how them were removed. Unless you have some kind of disease, hair is suppose to grow back

They'll grow back but they won't ever be the same again.

No it is not true that they don't grow back. They do otherwise there would be no point in having them! What would the women bat at us blokes to attract our attention.

When you are younger - under 50 or so - your eyelashes will grow back if lost for some reason - BUT when you get older, they will NOT grow back.

No, dear. You lose eyelashes many times during the year and, in fact, they grow back about every three months or so.

No it is not true. But if they are removed for whatever reason, they will not grow back to the same way they used to be.

Full Moon
No, unless you have some sort of a chemical spill on them (my dad did and he doesn't have eyebrows and few eyelashes) or you have some sort of disease, normally they regrow as they fall out.

I can't imagine this is true. Like any other hair, you shed your eyelashes from time to time. Haven't you ever gotten one stuck in your eye?

Man, if that were true, I'd not have any left by now! ;)

vicky s
no thats not true. i lose lots of eyelashes everyday so if that was the case i think mine would have disappeared by now!

They do grow back. I know firsthand. I have a condition known as trichotillomania which means I pull my hair (and eyelashes) out when I am stressed. I have pulled all of my lashes out several times in my life and they have always grown back. And, they are just like they were before.

No. Don't be ridiculous.

My nephew pulled all his eyelashes out for what reason i dont know . still trying to get it out of him but have been told by gp that they dont grow back . He pulled his out over a year ago.

yes it will grow back.......... my husband had his shaved off because he had to have stiches and it is going back

Water's Away
yes it is a hair. hair always grows back unless it falls out due to hormonal reasons.

unfortunately they willnever grow back

They do grow back I think it just takes longer to grow back than the other hair.

Christine B
Can't be true. Think of all the eyelashes that fall out over the course of your life and you still have them, right.

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