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Is it ok to use expired medicine (pain killer)?
I have an expired Ponstan 500Mg; that expired in Feb. 2006. Is it still okay to use this? Thank your for your help.

m y
my advice to you is no dont use it. would i use it? most likely, but logicaly it could be bad to use it.

Probably but the potency is not the same. So it won't be as effective. Get some Extra strength tylenol instead.

t s
It may be less effective, but its safe.

Colleen P
You can give it a try, the worst that can happen is that it won't do anything at all. You usually have quite a few months after the expiry date where the product is still usable. But it won't have any adverse affects, it just won't work. :)

Sometimes medicine can have a shelf life of 6 months after expiration. I would advise though calling your pharmacist to ask about this particular one.



yea,maibie if u want to die or get your stomake flushed out...

yes. it's fine

Odds are it is OK however chemicals as they age change. They could become sub potent then it will not be effective(This is the most likely effect) or they could become super potent then could be toxic. Look at the tablets. are the edges still sharp, smell it; the worst the smell the more likely it is bad. Where have you had it stored. If in a cool dry air tight container that is good. Wet and/or hot-- more likely to go bad. Most pharmacists would tell you not to take. The bottom line it is your decision. You know some of the risks now. Do what you will.One drawback is that if they are sub potent then you have delayed effective therapy while waiting on something to work that isn't.

Dan W
Likely the only thing you have to worry about is the medication will not be as effective as it once was. Medicine does loose some of its effectivness over time. Assuming it was stored properly (ie not in the glove box of your car) it should be safe to take. However be sure to follow standard medical and dosage recommendations, and do not take perscribed medications for another person.

pls. dispose them immediately! thats why it has an expiration date!

Tired Old Man
do not take our advise,ask a pharmacist. I ask one about expired anti biotic & she said they can become toxic at times, so be safe ASK!

NO, never take expired meds. The chemistry in them changes as they get old. Dont play with your health and pitch them out.

bells b
No! The expiration date is there because the active ingredients have a shelf life. Since expiring in Feb it will either have lost its effectiveness or will now effect you in a way not originally intended. Bottom line= don't take it.

Rich Z
You might have to go with a higher dose but you can use it. It doesn't turn to poison.

It is best to throw old unused medicine away.

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