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 is this dangerous? fatal?
someone close to me took 25 imipramine pills, over 30 risperidone pills, 25 tylenol and 20 Dimenhydrinate pills (gravol). is this very dangerous? will she likely survive? what do you think these ...

 I need sleep very badly!!?
I haven't gotten more than two hours of sleep for more than three mounths. I think I am going to die! I need sleep but have tried everything I can think of! I also can't take sleep aids so I...

 What's My blood type???????
Ok well My Dad is A+ and My Mom is O-. My brother is the only one besides my parents who knows his blood type which im pretty sure is A+. Me and my sisters have no idea what we are and we were ...

 Heat Stroke killing a teenager?
A girl I knew just died from heat stroke yesterday. From what I have heard, she went to take a bath and either became unconscious or drowned in the tub. I thought that heat stroke only killed the ...

 SERIOUS PROBLEMS ??????????????????????
ok well this is kind of wierd and most people wont really understand me ......So recently i spent the past couple months in a mental institution and alot of stuff happened there that made me think ...

 How can i not smoke for a day?
I need to go an entire day without smoking, but as i havn't already quit how do i do that without crippling under the stress. Please note that during this day i will be in London with family ...

 how old do you have to be to get medicinal marijuana I severely messed up knee?
10 months after surgery still hurts horrible plus i lost my meniscus (shock absorber between joints in the knee) also tore a lot ...

 Does a person have to have head trauma to go into a coma?
Or can they go into a coma for any reason?...

 Why does my son's skin redden when he eats mayonnaise?
It doesn't seem to bother his stomach, but where it touches his skin, it turns red like hives. These disappear after he washes his face. He eats eggs often with no problems what could he be ...

 How to compare blood pressure?
I need to compare blood pressure, and im not really sure how to do it. I know the average is sys: 120 and dia:80 but i don't know how to compare! is it just like fractions or what? :/ help ...

 who is an anesthetics?
i just want to know who is an anesthetics so i can pick my career really good because i want to become a ...

 Everytime I eat I wanna vomit?
Well this has been going on for about 3 days now, everytime I eat or think about food I feel like I wanna vomit, I am meeting this girl next week that I really like, could it be that I'm nervous?...

 do you think i need glasses ?
im 12 and i want to know if i need glasses, my friend from school kept on telling me you need glasses and because she wears glasses i belived her we sat at the back of the class and we couldent see ...

 Why won't Wal-Mart allow me to refill my Klonopin prescription 3 days early?
I was in the store and figured i could pick up my prescription but the pharmacist said i had to wait. Should i just go in tom. morning and try to get it or do i seriously have to wait till the 30th. ...

 are there any particular foods you can eat that will make your eyelashes grow longer/faster?
or drinks? ...

 Really bad stomach pains ... I've been having since like June ... and last night i slept on my stomach & it?
hurt bad half the day ... what do you think is causing this ????...

 What are the pros and cons of sleeping tablets?
I've messed up my sleeping pattern entirely and I just want a good sleep! Are the pills addictive, and are there health drawbacks connected with them....

 How to stop being so concerned with how I look?
I am very obsessive when it comes to my weight. I am constantly watching my weight and checking myself in mirrors. I have a thick body but im not exactly fat, just a little belly fat. How can i stop ...

 how much taller will she be?
my friend is 14 she is 5'6 1/2 her mom is 5'5 her dad is 5'11 how tall should she be she got her dot at 11 she only grew an inch in the past 3 years maybe an inch and a half ...

 Why does most of my body crack and pop?
I am 19 and I started working out in january of this year and have ever since, lately I've been notice loud cracks and pops in most places in my body like shoulders, elbows and knees. I am just ...

Tiana M. Lawson
Is it ok to give biotin to a 12 year old?
It's suppose to make your hair grow faster

biotin does increase hair and nails growth rate and also make hair stronger and healthier. biotin is a vitamin that is naturally produced by our bodies, so there are no problems in using it. it's a vitamin supplement.

NO! what are you crazy!

If you're giving them the recommended dosage and for a valid reason. Just make their hair grow faster is silly. Let it happen naturally, if that's the case. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/drug-information/DR600259

Its doesnt make your hair grow faster..it makes your hair healthier and stronger...and its fine

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