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 Have you ever talked to yourself outloud?

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 have i got ME?
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 what is a cigarette? can any1 help?
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how can i put it in words?...

 how do i get marijuana out of my system?
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Is it good to drink bleach to clean out your system?
i heard that drinking bleach can completely clean out your system right before a drug test. Is this true?

if you want to die a very long pain full death suffering
go to the store buy 2 pints of cranberry juice and drink all of it within 3 hrs and you should be fine

All the people on here don't know anything.......i personally know 2 people who have drank bleach to clean their system out and it worked. You cant chug a lot, but if you dilute it or something. If you dont want to drink bleach then there is a 2 day program that cleans your system out by taking vitamins and drinking lots of water.

Baby Poots
Bleach is a highly toxic agent, which, if drank, may lead to death. Friends of mine, who have experience with marijuana and drug testing, tell me that drinking quantities of dill pickle juice before a test for marijuana will mask the drug. Personally, I can't attest to this; but, if you have been "smoking the weed" and have to succumb to a test, I know dill pickle juice won't kill you!


omg.... ummm, this will probably kill you, or at the very least make you very ill.

don't try it.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! You will end up in hospital fighting for your life. It is toxic and will burn your mouth, stomach, bowels, whatever it hits in your body. Don't even think about it. Even in small doses, it will be lethal, slowly and painfully when you vomit it back up while it burns you more while being ingested and absorbed anyways.

Some girl in my school did that a while ago. She thought it was milk. Kinda dumb huh? Well she turned out a bit crazy, I am suprised it didnt hurt her. Dont do it, unless of course you like being dead.

you mean fiber and water do not do the trick?

Anthony A

It will send you to the hospital or kill you so you wont have to worry about a drug test.

The only way to pass a drug test is to not take drugs. Geez.

only if you want a trip to hospital and your stomach pumped out....if you get there in time!

It is NOT true. Bleach is an acid. It can destroy your mouth, stomach and intestines---IF you live through it.

you cannot drink bleach. it says so on the label!

Docta Jones
It would probably kill you.

Drinking bleach will kill you, even in small amounts. I'm not kidding or exaggerating, you will DIE. Please don't do any such thing, and call poison control if you need a second reassurance.

Bleach can seriously affect you system, don't risk it. You will have bigger problems than just cleaning your system.

some people just won't learn

I guess drinking bleach will help you pass a drug test...if you die from drinking bleach then they can't test you...here's a better idea:

forrest sky
hahahh i know a lot of people that did it and workdeded actually i just drank a couple cap fulls myself and im not dead stupid asses and the bottle says really not to anything about accidental ingestion your not even supposed to induce vomitting just wait for it to pass your system though...unfortunately i threw up i think i drank too much and im not doing that **** again lol hope it still works

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