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 What can I do at home instead of smoking pot?
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 Sick after coming off steriods..help!?
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Is it bad to smoke weed everyday?
3 times a day?

lmao! no i for one dont think its addicting bt maybe you should stay away from the computer a lil bit lol
just dnt rob or steal or kill for your dope money

yes. Weed demolishes your brain cells. http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/exchange/node/1808

You can loose your ability to navigate and use other senses because you have giant gaps in your brain where brain cells have been vaporized.

Loka Lette
bad for what??

Pot is not dangerous on it's own. The smoke, as all smoke, does contain carcinogens but not nearly as many as cigarette smoke.

Pot is only portrayed as being bad because Harry J. Anslinger instilled fear into the minds of vulnerable and naive people as a way of manipulating them.

I smoke more than 3 times everyday and I have an I.Q. of 133 and a photographic memory that has only become sharper through time.

Worry not.

No but it is bad if smoking weed stops you from learning the lessons your soul came here to learn.
Would you consider stopping if you learnt that it could contribute to you becomming 3000 years behind in the school of life?

James l
i think 1 time a day is enough. I'm not sure. I like the feeling of high. It is my only way to escape reality, perhaps it is your? Though try to stay in reality otherwise you have nothing left.

Are you high right now?

Sir Big Fat Wombat
Many will deny it, but I've seen many users confirm it....Smoking pot is as addictive as cigarettes
and smoking it on a regular basis does damage short-term memory. You would not want your doctor
or surgeon habitually smoking it.


well considering it doesn't harm your health whatsoever, isn't addictive, and doesn't make you stupid. no.
also, i smoke weed more than 3 times a day, everyday, im 16, already graduated high school, in my first semester of college, have a job, and i have no health problems whatsoever (:

people say weed makes you lazy and stupid, well, chances are, said person was already stupid and lazy, because i for one am not stupid or lazy, i just loooovvvee marijuana(;

truly is gods herb.

Vicky Dunlap
stay high

Not if you can afford it and can find it.

smoke till the end of times .

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