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 What on earth happened to me?
I'm 18 years old.
A female.
I weigh 108 lbs.
Today is Friday.

On Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday I took morphine.
Please don't ask why.
I know realize ...

 Why are cracking one's knuckles bad? Does it cause arthritis or something?
I heard this from my grand father and father, so I am quite concerned....

 Trivia!......What one word that is pronounced the same way but is spelled 5 different ways?
I will answer it later but only after everyone guesses. I think someone will get it ...

 Which flavor of tea is best to smoke?
Green tea isn't so good so i want something else like orange or something any ideas? and im smoking it in a pen ...

 Why do I want to cry?
Every time i hear this song: http://www.youtube.com/w i just want to bust down and start crying my eyes out! Can someone please tell me why? I am single and the guy I like doesn'...

 if one wasn't sick. what happens to them if they took medicaton?

 Help with physical education (PE)?
the situation in which the muscles are getting the amount of oxygen they need to produce the energy necessary for movement,...

 how can i get rid of the constant headaches?
i am not pregnant (i have had a tubal to prevent this) i plan to go to a doctor but in the mean time i need some relief of these menstrual headaches and nausea that has no relief even on my period. T...

 What is going on with my stomach?
For breakfast, I had a bowl of cereal. For lunch, I had a mini pizza with goldfish. For dinner, I had a piece of chicken and bread. I had a handful of Doritos and cookies for snack. I ate a few ...

 Why am I so dizzzzy ?
I woke up yesterday and I was feeling really dizzy. I was dizzy all day yesterday, and when I woke up today I was still dizzy but it was less intense. Now it's almost gone, but I still get dizzy ...

 Is this a normal weed high? Plz plz tell me.?
When I get high off weed it's like I can do everything 10 times better. I would be able to hoop, drive, play video games and even dance when I never knew how to dance (it's like I'm ...

 I think I have a short attention span? Read info, please.?
I think I have a short attention span. For instance, this morning I wanted to use my earphones so I went to my room. Instead of getting my earphones, I noticed my curtains closed, so I opened them. T...

 what kind of lung infection do i have?
I'm 15, never been to the hospital since i was 5 ( i was in acute kidney failure )
So im not really big on going to the doctors. well for the past 2 weeks ive been having problems.
at ...

 need help finding adderall for severe adhd ?? super important !?
iknoo it sounds like im some druggy who really wants to lose weight or something but i have severe adhd . so i need my adderall and im almost out . i had a party last night and someone stole all of ...

 I got pencil lead in my hand?
I accidentally poked myself with a mechanical pencil and you can see the little lead spot how can I take it ...

 Is it legal for a doctor to do this?
I'm 18 and I still live with my mom, and after an appointment my doctor released medical information to her over the phone. I know he's not allowed to do this because anything I tell him is ...

 What's wrong with me?
So, I haven't been able to eat as much as I have needed. My body just simply wont let me. When I feel like I'm on the verge of starving, I eat one bread roll, and I can't eat anymore. M...

 My ear feels weird any ideas?
Every few minutes the inside makes a weird sound and feels like its twitching. Any idea What it is?...

 Question for alcoholics? Help me to understand?
Can an alcoholic explain to me what makes drinking so good. I mean, I can understand wanting to get a little buzz or have a few drinks, that does feel good. But what drives you to drink until you ...

 Is it okay to smoke weed to relieve nausea?
I often experience nausea and I was wondering if it's ok to use marijuana everytime it occurs. I have doctor prescribed antiemetics but when I attempt to swallow the pills I get real ...

Sam -
Is it bad to hold in diarrhea?
Ok I have diarrhea and I don't normally get it. Starting in the beginning of the week, I had lost my appetite ( idk if that effects my diarrhea ) I had practice for basketball one day and I started having really bad cramps. When I got home I had to use the bathroom and I had diarrhea.I took some Peptmo Bismal and inthink I was good for the night. I didnt have practice till the up-coming thursday. I kinda tried to get a lot out but I didn't. On Wednesday my stool was normal again. When I had practice that thursday I got diarrhea again. I have been holding it in since then. I would get these really bad stomach-aches and then it would feel all bubbly and sometimes u could here it. It hasn't gotten any better since Monday. If I grossed you out sorry I just haven't had it in a while and I'm jw. Thanks. Oh and p.s. Do you think my basketball effects it?

the tree guy
I don't think so unless you get a severe head ache from holding it in.

Ryan K
yeh try ot to hold in poop cus it culd bak up into ure body

Le Craig
No. Any effort is good.

High Voltage
Yes, It's BAD to hold it in...

You need to let it go immediately, before you have an accident...

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