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 what are some reasons to have ringing of your ears?
i have a ringing noise in my ears and sometimes is worse than at others. so, what are some reasons for this? is it common? i'm 42 and has gone on for at least 10 years now!...

 Teens, why people like smoking?
Can you tell me the effect in teen's body, how does it work in teens body, why teens do that, and what is the effect for teen's future. Can you answer seriously, because i'm in a ...

 I have an annoying sensation in my inner arm. Nothing visible but I can't stand to have material touch it.
It's the inside of my arm above the elbow about six inches long and 3 inches wide. Nothing is visible. It's been going on about two weeks now. When nothing is touching it, it almost ...

 ARE people who spread false rumors friends or enemies? and should i avoid them?

 Do x-rays damage hearing aids?

 Life insurance?
I have a chance to get a life insurance policy of $250,000 for $20 a month is that a good deal??...

 My toenail turned black...?
What caused it and how do I get rid of that?...

 Sometimes I can sleep for 6 hrs and not be tired, other times I sleep for 15 and I'm still tired. Why?
I don't get it. Last night I slept for 15 hours! And really didn't feel that refreshed. Other nights I sometimes sleep for only like 6 and I feel fine. what's the deal?...

 Are there any risks to taking height-increase products?
Could products such as Maxagen (www.maxagen.com) which claim to increase height cause any side effects?



 Detox your body...Detox your mind?
I know there are ways to detox your body of harmful chemicals, foods, habits, etc. Is there a way to detox your mind of negative thoughts and feelings and memories, etc.? If so, how would I go about ...

 What does an eye pressure test, test for?

 can you help me find pics of gross and fatal accidents?
basically, bodies that got f***ed up in some kind of fatal accidents.
its on a project for class. Saftey first, or this will happen. You know?
stuff gross, and nasty......

 what are symptoms of dehydration?
i have bien very dizzy and have chapped lips could i be dehydrated? if you have any other symptoms or diagnostics please tell me! THANK YOU :D...

 Night shift- Have there been any long term studies?
Ok, I work 7:40pm-5:40am (nights). After engaging into a long conversation on working the night shift, my girlfriend pulled a study about the night shift. The study involved a couple people working ...

 What do i do if i feel lightheaded and have severe headaches?
I get lightheaded sometimes and get headaches where it feels as if a pole is being jammed through my brain....im 15 and my mom won't believe me....what should i do and is it something serious?...

 Will I test positive on my drug test?
Three nights ago I smoked weed for the first time ever. I only took three hits from the bowl and didn't actually get high. I now have a drug test for my job in three days, so the test will ...

 Has anyone had any positive experiences from smoking pot?
I need to know some pros-not cons....

 My wife says I sneeze too loud- is it possible to make it quieter?
When I sneeze, it really is loud. And I sneeze about 15-20 times a day! Is there any way to control the sneeze a bit? Even putting my hand over my mouth doesn't help. Maybe like tantric ...

 I'm getting tonsils out, advice?
I'm a 15 year old female. I'm getting my tonsils out soon and I just want some advice and/or hindsight on the surgery/recovery process. Just normal things like what to eat, what not to eat, ...

 Why do a lot of people get sick from oysters?
Is it because there is an inlying bacteria in the oyster from the get go, or is it because they easily attract bacteria if not taken care of properly? So if shucking one right from its home in ...

If the end of your xiphoid is really pointed is that normal?
If I cup my hand along the edge my ribcage and then up to and around the xiphoid its a little uncomfortable. Try it and see if its uncomfortable for you too. Is this normal?

a pointed xiphoid is normal.

Xiphoid is derived from the Greek meaning "sword shaped." The ancient Greek swords were short with a sharp triangular tip.

In infancy and childhood, the xiphoid process is a separate bone. It is composed of cartilage but begins to harden (ossify) in adolescence and fuses with the body of the sternum between 30 - 35 yrs of age. Mild discomfort upon pressure is normal.

More commonly there can be tenderness at the points where the ribs join the sternum, a condition that can be due to mild inflammation called costochondritis. Sometimes pain is more intense, even mimicking a heart attack.

BJ tech
other than the fact that you can feel your bones so easily, its not strange that its pointy...

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