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 Taking iron for my Anemia but it doesn't seem to be working?
my iron levels were extremely low so i'm taking iron pills for 6 weeks and going back for more blood work. it's been 5 weeks now and my symptoms are just continuing to grow as if the ...

 Any Ways to grow taller?
Im 16 almost 17, im 6'2, I play basketball, wouldnt mine being 6'5 or more when done growing. Any ways i can help my growth. Different types of vitamins or something? Thanks....

 OCD thoughts are driving me mad?
hey everyone i suffer from OCD and paranoia i have been worried sick because about 1 1/2 years ago while moving i threw out my old hard drive without thinking..and have been reading alot about ...

 Am I getting seriously sick?
Sorry for asking this again but nobody answered me. Here is what is going on: -I have chest pains (not puberty) -constant fevers (not high) -constant nausea -I am always tired! I can get 14 ...

 Why do I become blind when I stand up?
Sometimes when I stand up or when I am walking, I get this random light headed/dizzy feeling and a sort of headache and my vision becomes kind of like when you close your eyes and press your fingers ...

 Pills overdosing with alcohol?
If someone were to drink alot of vodka, or like spirits, enough to get them drunk, and then took like say 30 paracetemol would they definitely die? if they were somewhere where they would be found ...

 I need to get rid of this hangover, and fast!?
Need a way to get rid of this dizzy feeling, and preferably within the next hour or so. Help!!...

 How can I fall asleep faster?
Kayy so, I'm a 13 year old girl. It's 3:45 AM, and I'm not tired at all (I haven't slept yet tonight). Last night though, I slept for sround 14 hours, so how do I balance it all ...

 I don't know what to do? Should I try a cigarette?
Since I started 8th grade EVERYONE has started smoking. I'm curious should I try it just once? I'm 12 years old.(skipped a grade) tell me what to do!...

 What is in a cigar, how's it different from a cigarette?
I mean, cigarettes have tobacco but what do cigars have in them? Also cigarettes give you a buzz, do cigars do the same? Any information would be good, thanks for your help....

 Is it safe to take a bath after eating?
I heard that it is dangerous to take a bath after eating. I don't know if it's true. I want to know. So is it safe to take a bath after eating the meal?...

 piercing help, help with healing and such?
I got my ears pierced like a year ago and they got infected because they were silver studs so I took them out. My ears are too sensitive for silver so 2 days ago I got them professionally pierced ...

 Does a hit on the back really make your cough go away?
When someone coughs people tend to hit the person's back to make their coughing stop. Does it actually help, because I can't recall that that has ever helped me? :) Yes, it does get ...

 I am constipated what can I do?

 Have you ever tried Cocaine? Is it good?
Is it addicting upon first use? What are your experiences with it?...

 The lower portion of my back is killing me?
So I just ran the mile last week for the first time in three years. My back started hurting from then. By the way, I'm not fat at all. I weigh about 110. It's just that I had surgery last ...

 Can I still grow taller?
I just turned 15 and my mother told me (ever since i got my period) that i only have 5 years to grow since my period. i keep debating with her and telling her NOO. but she said that asians have ...

 how can i tell my mom i smoke marijuana and ask if i can still smoke it without doing it behind her back?
i smoke because i easily get mad very mad and when i smoke i'm way more calm ohh and yes i live in ...

 How to get thirsty really fast?

 What can I take or do to have more energy during the day?
I am in College, and I always have lots of stuff to do. Some days I am there from 8 to 8 inclasses, extracurricular activities, events, workshops..... etc. At about 4pm I start to get very tired, and ...

If baby oil is swallowed is it harmful to adults?
My mother suggested I should take a tablespoon of baby oil to help move my bowels since it's basically mineral oil, I was wondering if it is harmful in any way?

Cod liver oil and other natural oils would be better

Baby oil is made non-toxic, because it's common for babies to get it on their hands and put it in their mouths. In any case- I would advise against this- its not designed to be ingested and I have never heard of any benefits in bowel movements from taking it orally. Get some fiber caps or supplements. Baby oil is recognized as being highly deadly if inhaled, as it coats the walls of the lungs and stops you from being able to breathe. That's the only way that I have ever heard of it being dangerous though. But seriously, ditch the old wives tales and get some proper pharmaceutical drugs.

i doubt it

Probably not, but there are definitely better-tasting solutions.

It will act as a laxative if a little is consumed. Not more than a tablespoon a day should be ingested, though.

Nope, lots of people do that, and supposedly it works.

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