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 What do occupational therapists do?
and how is this different from physical therapy? Who do they help, and how?...

 How to fake sick on a doctor day?
How to fake sick when you are going to the doctor the next day? What should i do to make my mom believe i am really sick when im not?...

 I suffer from anxiety and going to the doctor is no help what do i do?
I can feel the stress on my heart i feel myself having health problems like breathing difficulty and stress headaches caeuse i can't stop being anxious.im only 14 and im worried about my health....

 Do you think vaccination shots cause Autism?

 Has the television show "House, M.D." had any influence on how real-life diagnosticians do their jobs?
I've often heard it said that fictional television shows that depict a profession (such as "CSI" or "24") have the effect of influencing how real people in that profession do ...

 My 14yr old son smash books together and make them talk?
He takes two books and smash them together and make them talk like there fighting.Also He beats lotion bottles and shampoos together and breaks the caps off.He also walks on his tiptoes and doesn'...

 Why is earwax yellow?

 how to pass a drug test? plz help, input is greatly appreciated!?
even though i'm 21 my parent wants me to take a drug test with my younger siblings...i smoke pot for pain once in a while, last time i smoked kush was on the 12/10/07 and my test is 12/20/07, i ...

 How long can you hold your breath for until you pass out?
How do you know? Have you tried it?...

 Why does it seem the older I get the more difficult it is for me to recover from a minor illness?
I am 47 and have ear and sinus infections and tonsilitis. I thought I would be able to go back to work after a day of antibiotics but I feel worse than yesterday....

 is repeatedly blowing your nose while you have a cold bad?
someone told me that blowing your nose a lot while you have a cold can just make it worse. is that true?...

 Do you ever get throat "squiggles"?
I always get these sort of "squiggle" noises in my throat. they don't hurt, but sometimes they sound funny.

what the heck are they, and is there any way I can prevent ...

 How does anesthesia really work?
Im getting a colonoscopy done in a few days, and im more worried about the anesthesia than the actual procedure. I never been under anesthesia before and the thought of it is discomforting to me. if ...

 what is the quickest way to get marijuana out of your system?

 How do you feel when your dad bites your little head? ?

 Is it okay to drink alcohol while on antibiotics?
I'm taking amoxicillin for a sinus infection. Is it okay to drink while on this medication?...

 I am trying to drink my milk, but everytime i try my phone rings and i am distracted ...?
At first it was okay, but now it is really upsetting me. last night i tried to drink it, and my phone rang. i ended up crying myself to sleep, and i didnt even want to face the day the next morning. W...

 do people with low blood pressure faint when hey get cut?
i have reallay low blood pressure, an las summer i got cut on my hand, lik i didnt die but it was small but deepish, an i felt like the worst low blood pressure in my life, like i had to sit ...

 Im so freaking PALE and skinny. Please help? Really bad self-confidence...?
Im a 15 yr old boy. And no matter how much sun i try to get, I'll turn red for like a day, and then go back to being pale. I'm like almost paper white and actually look sick. I also can'...

 caffiene pills?
what are the deal with these? i've heard about them but i dont understand how they work and what the point of them are?...

I heard it's bad to take a hot shower while you have a stomach virus?? Is it true??
Whenever I take a shower while I have an upset stomach, and I use hot water, I feel nauseated and then throw up. Why is this?

Well I'm not sure, but when I have a virus, I usually have a fever along with it. Because your body is already hot, then the extra heat from the shower could make your body over heat and get sick. Just a theory.

I would assume so.
Hotter water can increase your temperature, making your body think your getting sicker.
Also if the virus is bacteria related, heat will increase the rate of growth of bacteria.

Just a guess though.
I would guess that the hot water just increases your temperature a little too much.

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