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I have a hard time to get to sleep at night.?
I could wake up super early and go to bed really late and I still have a reallly difficult time going to sleep! What should I do?

don't need wings to fly
that's just the way you are?

Try drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

The Dark Witch
When you cannot sleep at night, stand up and walk around the house for a minute, then try, if still, you cannot sleep then just stay up all night on the computer or something then sleep in the daytime.
I can never sleep at night, I always have to sleep when the sun is coming up.

Tyler S
count as far as u can and then pass out

How long has this been a problem?

i always have to fantasize not dirty you know but it makes you relax and you slowly sink into sleep ;)

Master Ted
Watch T.V. until your eyes gets tired, Get a new matures, or listen to some smooth jazz while lying down on your bed.


Listen to soft music before you sleep. No eating 2 hours before. Be sure to have a quiet, dark room. Dont think about things that stress you out and actually, dont think about anything at all lol

My son has the same trouble. Take a look at this website.

You may need melatonin. The above website will tell you all about it.
Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight!

Tylenol PM, perhaps.

Reading knowcks me out.

Depends on the individual.

Well when i can't go to sleep I hear really really soft music until I go to sleep it works or watch a movie and see if u would fall asleep.

take benedryl.

~counting fireflies~
Well first thing I'm thinkin is you're an inomniac and need to go to the dr. for medicine... but there could be some other causes like:

1. It could all just be very well in your head
2. You drink caffeine or eat late at night
3. You're sleeping quite a bit but not recognizing it

Try to lay still, rest comfortably, and think about things you enjoy that aren't very demanding.
Like your fantasy lover being on top of you.

consider this. take yoga classes..
or consentrate on your own breath.
take really deep breaths and focus on them .. lay on your back and dont think about anything...it works for me. and all the people i know.

try some relaxing music when you go to bed. or drink some warm milk [yes, not just for babies] or some tea always works.

count down from 100
count sheep.
think about the one you love
just close your eyes and breathe.

It sounds as if you may have some unresolved issues/concerns that you may not be dealing with effectively? Stress and undecided decisions can have an effect on your sleep if not resolved. So, how about tonight you place a pen and paper next to your bed before you TRY and go to sleep and write down everything (and I mean everything) that comes into your head until nothing else does (may take about ten to twenty minutes) and circle the items that seem similar and work from there - you may see a pattern which helps you focus on what really is keeping you awake at night. No harm in trying - you'll be awake anyway so may as well doing something constructive during that time!!!! Good luck

I've heard that if you take a really hot shower right before you go to bed it helps your body to get ready for sleep. The logic is that as you actually fall asleep your body temperature drops, so as your body cools down from a shot shower, your body should respond as if your getting reading for sleep. But theory and reality are too different things, so maybe warm milk?

It usually takes me at least an hour to fall asleep at night, and the smallest quietest noise wakes me up and it starts all over. The only think I can suggest is reading before bed, but not 'in' your bed, read on the couch. Your mind needs to associate being in bed with sleeping. Try not to do anything in your room but dress and sleep.

There are several solutions. First, try regulating your sleeping habits and ensuring you have a dark, quite, and simple room to sleep in. If the problem persists, you should probably consult your doctor concerning a prescription treatment, making sure to ask about addictive properties. Furthermore, there are a lot of helpful websites that have several tips for healthier sleep.

David P
Don't eat to late before bed time. Don't drink alcohol. Don't do an activity that charges you up.

See 10 tips from Mayo Clinic:

so do i. im an insomniac. you can go to your doctors office and get subscribed for a sleeping pill. if i were you, id try it.

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