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So I woke up with this I want peoples opinion to what it is. When I sit or stand or lay down it hurts
And the pain sometimes radiates to the hip. I was worried it might be my bladder? Idk what ...

 When you ask a doctor to kill you, what is it called that they give you?
Don't worry, I don't plan to ask them for it XD I'm writing a story for creative writing ...

 i have a health issue please help me figure out what it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
ok, so like last month i thought i had asthma cos i have times where i would be breathing but i still felt like i was suffocating and slight chest/lung pressure. i quit smoking and all those symptoms ...

 going to die tomarrow?
if you were going to die the next day, what would you do?...

 i just died. what do i do?
how do i revive myself?...

 Is it possible to continue growing after stopping for over a year?
I'm a 16 year old guy who was told that I'm done growing by my doctor. Despite this, I'm positive I've grown half an inch in the past month. The thing is is that I had previously ...

 Did i do something to my head?
I want an honest answer, please dont lie. I was skating with my friend the other day, and i fell and landed on the whole right side of my body, including my head. I struggled to get up and stood ...

 what do you do when you pull a tendon in your arm?

 blood pressure and headaches????HELP!!!!!!!!!1?
ok my aunt is 47 yrs old
and her blood pressure is 129/86
she also has diabetes was a anemia patient
she gets these massive headaches like really bad headaches and she feels tired and ...

 why is the nose lined with cilia?

 What could cause a uvula to swell up?

I have been sick for the past few days (since sunday to be exact) and this morning I woke up with my uvula swollen. I have never experienced that before. It ...

 It's been 4 days, I can't sneeze?
Okay, so it's been 4 days that I can't sneeze.
Everything time I want to sneeze...
It's coming, it's here, I'm gonna sneeze...Ah, nothing. :(
So what can I do ...

 What time should I go to bed, I am 11 and have to wake up between 7:00 and 7:15?

 Throw up with salt water?
How much does it take? And how much water? Thanks!...

 genetic issues?!?! is it true?
i am just wondering if these things can be passed down.
my father was an alcoholic and drug user and he had an extremely bad temper... recently i have been getting so irritated and annoyed about ...

 What does my blood pressure mean?
I am 18 years old, and I've kept track of my blood pressure. Usually it runs about 100/70, but there have been times where it was 90/37 and yesterday, 127/40. What in the world does that mean? I&...

 Are there vaccinations that may exclude me from being a blood donor?
I have heard that there are some vaccinations that I received in the military that may disqualify me as a blood donor. Specifically these vaccinations were smallpox and the anthrax pills. Any truth ...

 iv beeen stressed alot latley nd i keep crying is it sign of depesstion?
upset :'(
stressed out:'(
loss of apititie

i self harm

< what iv been feling latley

is this sign of depresston
just ...

 Quitting Smoking For Real This Time?
So here is my story. Since I was 16 I would socially smoke with my friends, or occasionally smoke when I could get my hands on some. But now that I am 18 and can buy them I am smoking a pack in two ...

 Is it ok to take Xanax with prozac?

I have RH Negative blood, can I sell it?
I have rh negative blood which I do know is very rare. Only 7% of people have it. Im wanting to know how much Id possibly get to sell my blood and where.

It is illegal to sell or buy blood in the United States. Donation is strictly that, and must be voluntary. You can sell plasma, but the Rh negative factor is not significant.

Andrew G
I wouldn't really say its rare but uncommon at times, but your blood type is an important factor as well. If your O-, then yes your blood type is extremely rare and the hospitals would love for you to donate blood.

Your most likely going to have to get RhoGam shots during all of your pregnancies as well, have fun with that.

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