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 after you donate blood do they sell it?
i wanted to know, i know sometimes they give you money but do they go off and sell it to someone lets say who had a accident and is in need of a blood transfusion?...

 Why does this happen when I smoke weed?
Okay so I get really really paranoid when I smoke and I start twitching out of nowhere. It's really weird..

and Honesly most of the time even when I'm not high I always feel ...

 Is it bad to get a haircut when you have a full stomach?
Does anything happen if you get a haircut right after you ate a ...

 really concerned...advice?
ok so first off...my bestfriend has ADHD. well one day, she didn't take her medicine. the way she was acting reminded me of myself. so i was curious and looked up some symptoms online. i have a ...

 Can you have a ganglion sisk under skin on bottom of forearm?
Like can you have one on bout the middle between your top and bottom forearm and you cant really see it but you can feel it on forearm it is also painless unless pressed kinda hard right on the top ...

 if your spleen has been removed is your life shortened?

 okayy.. well i am sick and tired of .....?
i am sick and tired of people calling me fat ... i need a easy , complicated , long , short caloire burning ...... i don't care what kind of workout .. i just need a work out to get a nice body ...

 Is it true women living together will eventually have there menstrual cycle at approximately the same day?

 Is this a sign my sleeping schedule is catching up with me?
A few days ago I started a slepeing schedule of sleeping for about 4-5hours of sleep each day. I wanted to try and see if I could take away the pain and stiffness I had had usually in the morning due ...

 is there any relationship between heart and leg? 10 pts answer plz?
is there any relationship between heart and leg???...

 getting medical marijuana card?
hey i was wondering if i got a medical card will it stay on my record..because i plan on being a cop but weed is the only thing that helps me sleep at ...

 After you have your tonsils removed, is there a scar?

 I have a severe sore throat & it hurts to swallow?
I've had a sore throat for about a week. For the last 2 days it has hurt to swallow & I've developed a major stuffy nose. I went to the doctor today, but of course then it wasn't ...

 I crave cigarettes, even though I've never had one before?
Everytime I smell cigarette smoke or think of a cigarette I instantly crave one.

When I smell one, I go into a really good mood and sigh with some kind of relief. I don't know why.<...

 Is there anything I can do about my chronic back pain caused by Scoliosis?
I'm 19 yrs old i had sugary for Scoliosis when i was 10 years old I'm five feet one inches and I'm about 156lbs and The past few weeks/day's i have been having chronic back pain. I...

 Whats wrong with my stool, I have a little bit of bright red blood with mucus like substance?
Lately I have had to use the restroom a lot when I try nothing hardly comes out except some mucus looking substance with a bit of bright red blood. Im only 17 and I have no clue whats wrong, im ...

 How do I get a medical marijuana card in Oregon FAST?
I know how I can get one in around 3 months, but i really don't want to wait that long. Anybody know a quick way to get one? Please don't answer with bs about how I shouldn't be ...

 my doctor thinks im not sick?
im 15, and since late november i have been vomiting, having lower abdominal pain and have been sleeping for 16-20 hours a day. now my dr thinks its psychiatric, even though im not depressd or ...

 Marijuana effect question (Dont answer unless you know alot about it)?
So I smoked weed out of a aluminum can (ghetto i know) and it wasn't my first time smoking it but a week later I woke up and i just felt so out of it. I was confused, scared, very tired, couldn&#...

 well my drug test be positive?
about a week ago i smoked hooka out of my friends hookah. He may have used it to smoke pot out of before. Althought he said he hadnt in a long time , the hooka had been cleaned out by just useing ...

super sweet potatoes
I got pencil lead in my hand?
I accidentally poked myself with a mechanical pencil and you can see the little lead spot how can I take it out

use nail clippers, they're easy to use and you can kind of grab it and cut at the same time. i've removed plenty of splinters this way. and don't worry about lead poisoning. pencil "Lead" is actually graphite. a type of carbon.

kenny k
Tweezers. Like removing a splinter.
NB- graphite, not lead. no emergency.

Kika Gabriel
The way you take a splinter out with tweezers

Horsies 4 Life
Just take it out like a normal splinter using tweezers. The "lead" is just a mix clay and graphite, a harmless (unless you breathe in enough to choke you) powder made of a lot of carbon atoms.

OMG! YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE EMERGANCY ROOM!! the lead can kill you if it stays there long enough.

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