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I am getting headaches daily, is this the sign of a brain tumour?
I seem to get them pretty much daily and also get pretty light-headed and my balance isnt what it was. My cousin has just had a tumour removed, does it sound like I might have one as well? cheers

Some types of tumors are inheritable, but it's not common. Do see your GP, but let him/her decide if you need a $2500 MRI(unlikely). They are the ones with good judgment on these matters, not some yahoos on Yahoo. The most common cause of lightheadedness is low blood pressure or poor BP control. If it happens when you sit up from bed or stand that's most likely. It can also cause throbbing headaches. It can be caused by a lot of things - don't make wild guesses - get it diagnosed. Fluid imbalance, lack of salt, dehydration, minor hormonal issues ...don't jump to conclusions w/o evidence.

Angela F
If you are that concerned about it then go to your Dr and have an MRI done. Daily headaches can be caused from many different things. I am not a dr. but it could range from anything like lack of sleep, migraines, chiari malformation,to brain tumors. You may be over reacting because of what your cousin is going through and the stress may be the cause of your headaches. I recommend you going to your dr and having it checked out regardless of what it may be. The biggest concern is the balance issue along with the daily headaches. This could be something more than stress related.

Usual causes of headaches: Lack of sleep Too much sleep Unbalanced diet Not eating Dehydration Constipation Build up of toxins Stress Poor posture Eye strain / Poor eye sight Tobacco and alcohol use Medication In women, hormonal changes occurring before and after a menstrual period. See a doctor if you have any of these symptoms along with the headache: A sudden, severe headache accompanied by nausea and vomiting. A persistent and recurring headaches accompanied by memory problems, difficulty concentrating and tiredness. A high fever with neck stiffness (unable to bend the chin down to the chest). Convulsions (fits). Persistent vision disturbances (light flashes). Trouble controlling arms and legs. Loss of feeling in the arms and legs. Tiredness and apathy with difficulty communicating.

You have a touch of hypochondria about the tumor thing but you might be diabetic or simply have a tension/allergic/headache/taking a cold headache. If the dizziness continues you might want to go to the doc it could also be a ear infection. But none of us can diagnose you.

are you getting enough sleep? i get headaches all the time if i get to bed to late. you may need your eyes checked as well. if you don't have glasses, you may need them. if your eyes are having to strain to adjust (you may not notice it either) it will cause headaches. either way, i would get to the doctor to have it checked out.

Tumors are not contagious or inherited. Lots of people are getting headaches and dizziness this time of year because of allergies to pollen. I live in the mountains and the pollen is so bad here it looks like waves of yellow dust when the wind blows.

You don't have a brain tumor. You have a headache. Make sure you eat a proper diet and drink plenty of water.

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