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 why am i such a gassy person and how can i get rid of it?

 How could i watch free satellite tv for free?
i need to know i do not have cable and my dad want not pay. Please give me recommend how could i watch free satellite tv for free. Thanks....

 Why am I tired all the time?
If you don't know what "faint tired" means exactly, then hear me out. I feel like even when I'm walking, I feel like I'm going to collapse. Sometimes, if I'm just ...

 How does one die from Carbon Monoxide without knowing?
Is that even possible? How long does it take for you to die from inhaling too much? Not sure on what the update is, but i saw on the news on tv where 5 teenagers who believed to have died from ...

 can you hold in diarrhea if youre travelling?
i travel 12 miles to university everyday, ive had a sore stomach and a bit of diarrhea....is it possible to hold in mild diarrhea if on a bus? and if i get it what should i do?


 I need help with bad B.O.?
Every time i go near my friends they go like "Dude you Smell" even though I take a shower/bath like 5 times a day. How do Stop the Bad B.O.?...

 Is this normal for being high. Lol.?
Kay, well It was about my seventh time smoking pot. and I was honestly ****** . I dont even know how to explain it. I'v smoking it for over a year now and I havn't come across anything like ...

 How come when I eat twwo bowls of cereal a day I get kinda sick?
Reesee's Cereal is so good, but when I eat two or more bowls I feel sick to my stomach? Is it the milke? Or sugar? Or what?...

 How can I have summon enough energy to last me from 9:30 in the morning until 8 p.m. at night?
I started a new job last week and I get enough sleep and all, but I just can't make it through that almost 10.5 day. What advice can you give me other than coffee since it doesn't help me ...

 Does abilify help with OCD?
Im taking abilify for schizophrenia and anxiety. Does it also help with ocd?...

 this is how i feel when i am high?
i feel tipsy(weightless)..tired..cant consentrate... light head...get stuck when i talk ..chilled nd sometimes my mouth get dryed......

 will i still grow if i do this?
okay, i am 13 and go to sleep everynight around 10:00-10:30, um for breakfast;
i eat a bowl of cereal with skim milk 250
lunch; some chips and gummies 320
dinner: cereal or small ...

 i've been sick for 3 weeks and it keeps getting worse?
I cough day and night, my throat is swollen, I can hardly swallow anything including water, my nose is clogged (both), and my ears hurt. Is this normal? I talked to my doctor and all she told me to ...

 What are these strange stomach cramps?
Im getting unusual stomach cramps, not painful but im just worried its serious. They are fairly mild in the middle of my stomach and to the left side a little. I couldnt be pregnant as I am on the ...

 Drug test help someone?!?????!!!?!?
So im an infreqent smoker. I smoke bud like once every few months.
About 3 1/2 weeks ago, almost 4 i smoked some kush.
I dont drink pop or juices a lot and i normally drink about 5 bottles ...

 why is it that when I get the flu shot, I most likely get sick?
For one year I didnt have the flu shot and I was practically healthy the whole year, but then I got it this year and I am constantly getting sick! My throat is always the most attacked, and a stuffy ...

 Can you overdose on Iron jut by eating iron-rich food?
I know iron toxicity can occur from taking supplements or vitamins, but can you overdose just by eating to much iron containing foods, or going over the the reccomendded daily values of iron?...

 Supplements: when to take them?
So, I take calcium and D vitamin + B vitamin supplements once a day, and I was just wondering: does it matter WHEN I take them? Like for instance, will my body absorb more of it if I take them in the ...

 Question about Marijuana?
I do not want to be lectured about how bad weed is for you. I just want to know an unbiased opinion preferably from someone who used to smoke. I have been smoking for the past month or so before bed. ...

 Will cocaine show positive in a urine or blood test two months after ingestion?

How old do you have to be to buy nicorette inhaler, gum, patches etc?
I'm 16 years old and live in Ontario Canada. I want to quit smoking but am having a really hard time doing it I want to try this, I just want to know how old you have to be and where to buy them. I would rather not ask my parents but I will if I have to.

In Canada, it would be 19.

Pb anouncmace
they let you buy it

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