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 What could be causing my severe diarrhea?
I have had diarrhea now going on day 4. It started with throwing up then the diarrhea came. I had it over the weekend and it only seems worse. I'm in and out of the bathroom almost every half ...

 What do I do to get rid of it...?
I have a lot of phlegm at the top of my throat right now and it's really annoying. How do I get rid of it?? I try swallowing but it doesnt ...

 How long will weed stay in my system?
I smoked about two weeks ago and i have a test coming up i have been drinking water and i have volleyball practice everyday i smoked on a once a week ...

 ouch what is wrong with me?
So I had a cold earlier, then it went away. but now i have this horrible sore throat and it hurts really bad every time i swallow. also i have been coughing up mucus and it just hasnt been fun at all....

 What are the effects of smoking Marijuana?

 How to get taller? Can I really Control This?
How to get taller? I heard there were techniques that you could do to get taller. Can you really do this? WS...

 my nose started bleeding a few days ago. now it bleeds a few times a day and i feel like im swollowing blood?
it feels like everytime i swollow i swollow blood. and sometimes i feels like the blood is like chunky? like theres lil pieces of stuff in it. once i opended my mouth in the mirror and seen blood ...

 I've been freaking out for the past month over this...?
I've been getting this really odd feeling in my neck. It's on the left side from right behind my ear to the middle of my neck. It's not necessarily a pain, it feels more like pressure. ...

 Drugged cookies????????????????Âż?
How do u drug cookies my friend played a prank on me and put cocaine into his cookies and I ate like maybe 6 or 7 and I want to know how he put cocaine into pilsbury sugar ...

 Do i have a hearing problem or is it in my head...?
Heyy, so when a room is completely silent i hear kind of a ringing noise, i can't really describe it but its always there. its not high pitched but its super annoying. i listen to music and play ...

 help! i need to get over a cold ASAP!?
what do i do to get over it by saturday?!!?!?...

 i have sleep problems!please help!?
does anyone have any tricks to go to bed.i can't get to sleep!...

 I Have a Pain in my ear?
Today I had this short pain in my ear. I am wondering what could have caused this. I was listening to my iPod while I was exercising and then I was talking on my cell phone. Could this be brain ...

 how can you fake a fever or make yourself get one?

 what are simple and better ways to sleep?


 Leg swelling after alcohol and fish?
I ate fish last night (orange roughy), and then went out with my husband and drank about 9 beers. This morning I wake up and the skin on my ankle feels tight and its really swollen. When I push on ...

 Does anyone know if it is a fact that drinking citrus after 6PM or before bed time is bad for you? Ridiculous?

 everyday at the same time of the day my vision goes bad?
everyday at like 5 pm my vision is blurred and everything is ...

 Do I have chocolate addiction!?
Okay, so I eat a lot of chocolate.. When I feel the craving for chocolate even if I have eaten 2 rounds of toast with cheese etc. I will break out in a cold sweat and start shaking and feel really ...

How many/what kind of pills do you need to take to overdose and die?
I've taken 1 pain pill, 2 ambien, 3mg of alapralozam. I know that's not enough. What's going to happen to me if I don't take more and die? I want to know what's going to happen? And what happens if I take 15mg more of alapralozam?

Ashwiee Haiii
dont overdose. I dont know your life, but I know wen i got to ny lowest point, things seemed to get better. Cliche i know, but its the truth. & i may sound like a hypocrite cuz i took pills today, but dont take them.

Youll go to hell for being an idiot and taking your life. and your organs are gonna start failing depending on WHAT pain medication you took and the dosage.

What's going to happen to you if you die? You will be dead. And go to Heaven, hopefully.

You want to take more?

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