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How many co-codamol tablets would it take to kill yourself?
Just wondering honestly and would it be painful?How could it be painful? *****Just wondering I'll say it again!!!!!*******

Dr Frank
It would be the paracetamol that killed you, as few as 22 tablets have resulted in death. This is slow and painful due to liver failure.

dont be silly, just go and talk to a doctor, your brain gets easier to manage as u get older

Suicide is like cracking an egg open before it's ready...you'll get no chick. Killing yourself is cracking yourself open before your spirit is ready...you'll go into limbo.

Hey don't tell me you wanna try to suicide ?

Firstly, if you are planning on killing yourself - there are many more pleasant ways to die. The first you would really know of a paracetamol overdose would be a few days later when your liver would die = slow and painful death. Secondly, please don't kill yourself - it's not worth it, life will improve, I promise. Co-codamol comes in different strengths, but I'm pretty sure they contain paracetamol (acetaminophen) and codeine. Toxic dose of paracetamol is approx 200 mg/kg, ie, if you take more than 200mg per kg of your body weight. You are less likely to die of a codeine overdose, but it is quite addictive which isn't fun. Doses below the dose mentioned above could still cause you harm, so if you are in any doubt, or if you have any side effects or worries go straight to the doctor or emergency room. They will be able to patch you up :).

Angel of Satan
Very silly question.... It doesnt matter how many, in fact, it would be variable for each person as to what the liever could cope with... And if it didnt work, you would be looking at a long and agonising wait on the liver transplant list...

you may ask the question out of curiosity but others may use the answer in a negative way.........

stop please.

Why would you even want to know? I believe read the bottle, maybe it will tell you?

I don't know, maybe a full box or two, and it does something to your stomach and then you die. Doubt it would be painful

Miss K
Why would you wonder that?!

my dad took o.d it was not painfull , he was too out of it

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