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 I think im sick with something?
I always feel like im gonna get sick after I eat and I fel dizzy all the time... this has been going on since like August. Help?...

 Horrid habit - Fingernail biting, help?
[Wasn't sure what category this went in] I want to have 10 fingertip length fingernails by Christmas, as I've always loved the look of my mums nails. In the new year, I'm having a &...

 I keep waking up in the night, Help?
For about the past few weeks ive been waking up around 3am-5am time, so not really at night, more like early morning, but its getting really annoying. No matter how early or late i go to bed it ...

 What do you do in Health & Social Care?
I have an opportunity to take a Health & Social Care course, to see if i would like to pick it for my options? Have things do you do in it?...

 Has anyone had a spray tan before? Having my first one in a couple of days and wondering what to expect?

 how likley is it for a rook to grow out ?
basically i wan't know a few things that I never even dreamed would happen before I got it done? I got my rook pierced about 2 days ago and I was reading bits and bobs today when it was ...

 If you have trouble swallowing...?
If you have trouble swallowing tablets, what are you expected to do in hospitals when you need to take pills, do they have alternatives or are you made to swallow them, can they crush them?...

 Reduce bloating overnight?
For at least 3 months now I have been eating healthily and exercising. I also drink lots of water and have for ages. My belly is bloated and i'm not near my period or anything. I've got ...

 what do the wwc problems cause about water?
what do the wwc problems cause about water?...

 How long is the Suspensory Ligament?

 After giving blood...?
It's a little over 24 hours after i gave blood, everything went fine, and i felt fine afterwards, no faintness, no dizziness, nothing... I don't know whether the symptoms i have now are ...

 What to do about a spot under the surface?
I have a spot under the skin of my forehead and it feels really big and it's not that painful. However, i had the same problem with the same spot about a week ago, but it went away after I used ...

 How can I grow a bit taller?
I'm 13 and 5'5". I got my period 2 years ago and my doctor said I have about 3 years to grow taller. So is there any exercise I could do to grow a bit taller? I would adore being 5'...

 i have really weak nails is there anything i can do to strengthen them?
they're not brittle or anything, just really weak. i can bend all of them except my thumbnails. i don't wear fake nails or even paint them often. i'd use a cuticle balm maybe once a ...

 Does your arm hurt really bad after the TB jag?
I'm getting it tomorrow afternoon and I have karate tomorrow night, about 5/6 hours after the jag. I went to the class the same night I had the HPV jag and while my arm hurt a bit, it was okay. ...

 Looking to get into massage?
Hi, my girlfriend is looking for a career change and is looking to become a masseuse (sp?) What requirements does she need to start with? how does that then advance? what qualifications would she ...

 How to cleann my earrr?
i stretched my ear 2weeks ago, its 2mm. i got told to clean it with wipes for the 1st 2weeks, but im now unsure how to clean it properly. ive hurd that using salt water is the way to clean it....

 hiccups-should I be worried?
Since boxing day 2010, i have been suffering with hiccups. these hiccups occur probrably between 20-60 times a day everyday. the hiccups are all individaul (do not follow one after another but ...

 am i going insane (WHAT HAPPENED TO ME)?
ok il make it short and as simple as i can i fainted while watching the tv i woke up with blood around me in the bathe my boyfriend is on holiday with work and lately i have been haveing ...

 Is this caused from stress?
Recently I've been losing alot more hair than usual, like when i have a shower the drain gets really clogged with it and when i brush my hair loads comes out, its also getting thinner because of ...

How long can the human body function without sleep?

as someone with a sleep disorder, (i cant sleep normally, i have no sleep pattern)you can die, from lack of sleep, the most i went was three days and i was exhausted, angry and ill, you need the rest and the sleep for to function properly,

I agree with number two after 3-4 days you start hallucinating essentially and depending on your own personal biorhythm the body will essentially shut itself down and force you to sleep. Long haul truckers are legally obligated to sleep at least 4 hours for every 8 they drive. So that should show you just how important sleep is.

Human body, ( in fact all living and moving organisms) need rest/sleep. It depends on ones caliber and stamina. i can be awake for 3 days continuously. i happened through practice. i study hard (only) before exams. its unhealthy though.

After 3-4 days your body will start to shut down parts of your brain, after 5-6 without sleep your body can and normally does put itself into a coma.

Longer than the human body that has too much sleep!

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