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 am i anerexic, or is this a medical condition?
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 how dangerous is smoking weed?
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<3~ Rip Lilo~<3
How does you appendix get wrapped around your colon?
I was having pain in the right side of my stomach and it was really extreme i went to the hospital. They took blood, and urine sample. Then pushed on my stomach where it hurt, then said right away that they were getting me in surgrey to remove my appendix. When I woke up they had told me they had trouble finding it but when they did it was wrapped around my colon, and was close to bursting. Which was the reason the pain didnt start little, it came all at once. I'm just wondering how my appendix would get wrapped around my colon?. What would cause that?

Rosy M
Here is a picture of one, if you want to see: WARNING: surgical photo - may be disturbing to some viewers - use caution when viewing! "Appendicitis Torsion" Glad you are better! KonaRose (nurse)

She's right - people are born with it in different positions. It did NOT get inflamed because of where it was, but may have had an effect on how the pain developed and felt.

Fior the heck of it I looked it up--as i had my appendix removed many yrs ago, as well as bowel surgery twice. Anyway it seems that this is an inherited trait that runs in some families; The location of the appendix is called "retrocecal".

I'm just taking a guess and would say maybe it was extremely swollen and enlarged for a while and somehow got caught up in your intestines.

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