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 How long do warts last?
I have 1 for over 5 years now and and it isnt going away so how long wil it last 4. And is there a chance its not a wart maybe something ...

 i need sleeping help?
When i try to sleep i close my eyes and relax my body. I think i cant sleep because i keep thinking but i cant stop idk y please help im 15 i stay up a lil late some times i need ideas to sleep ...

 Is it ok to give biotin to a 12 year old?
It's suppose to make your hair grow ...

 When I get out of the shower my back itches like CRAZY ..whats the problem?
I know its not supposed to happen ....every day...I dont know what it is i get out of the shower and its like someone threw itching powder on my back !...

 I'm going to have my tonsils took out and kind of worried about it...can you tell me what will happen....?
during the suregy or what will happen at the hospital? Will I have to stay overnight? any info is appreciatied!...

 Sunburn!!! ouuuchhhhh!!!?
Okay well i've been outside all day and i forgot to put sunscreen and now i look like a lobster marinated in tomato sauce. Laugh all you want at me!! BUT I have a first date tomorrow and i dont ...

 What will happen when i'm gonna eat nonstop?
Will my stomach just blow up? or something else ...

 Can you die the first time you inhale paint and what does it do to someone?
How dangerous is it?...

 is it ok to take aspirin when you are 13?
im 13 years old and i'm sick so my mom got some alka-seltzer plus but it says at the top "now with aspirin". should i take it ?...

 i've had a headache for about a week now?
i've not been to see my doctor yet though i am considering phoning them up tomorrow, ive been taking paracetemol for it but its not having any affect, can anyone give me any advice or anything? ...

 Can you tell me what's going on/what's wrong with me or am I overreacting.?
Okay nothing was wrong with me until a few minutes ago. All of a sudden my stomach started hurting and I vomited and I have not been able to stop. I took pepto but I just vomited it out. And now when ...

 When you look in the mirror, and move your head, how come your eyes don't naturally move too?....?
Your eyes stayed fixed on the reflection of your eyes, whilst your head/body moves....

 This creeped me out: Dolphin giving me the evil eye.?
I was at the Indianapolis zoo today innocently watching the dolphins swim and coddle. As I watched in a mesmerized state, the male dolphin stopped coddling and just stared at me, giving me the evil ...

 is this dangerous? fatal?
someone close to me took 25 imipramine pills, over 30 risperidone pills, 25 tylenol and 20 Dimenhydrinate pills (gravol). is this very dangerous? will she likely survive? what do you think these ...

 I need sleep very badly!!?
I haven't gotten more than two hours of sleep for more than three mounths. I think I am going to die! I need sleep but have tried everything I can think of! I also can't take sleep aids so I...

 What's My blood type???????
Ok well My Dad is A+ and My Mom is O-. My brother is the only one besides my parents who knows his blood type which im pretty sure is A+. Me and my sisters have no idea what we are and we were ...

 Heat Stroke killing a teenager?
A girl I knew just died from heat stroke yesterday. From what I have heard, she went to take a bath and either became unconscious or drowned in the tub. I thought that heat stroke only killed the ...

 SERIOUS PROBLEMS ??????????????????????
ok well this is kind of wierd and most people wont really understand me ......So recently i spent the past couple months in a mental institution and alot of stuff happened there that made me think ...

 How can i not smoke for a day?
I need to go an entire day without smoking, but as i havn't already quit how do i do that without crippling under the stress. Please note that during this day i will be in London with family ...

 how old do you have to be to get medicinal marijuana I severely messed up knee?
10 months after surgery still hurts horrible plus i lost my meniscus (shock absorber between joints in the knee) also tore a lot ...

How does drug and alcohol affect your community?
I really need help on this because it's part of my homework... Thanks sooo much if you could help!

Chef Rajiv
Drugs and alcohol affects our community because it increases crime. It increases pollution in society. It also affects to Juniors mind.

It causes people to comit more crimes.

If it's a serious enough problem it lowers property value. The drugs attract crime, the snooty rich move out and the poor move in which builds upon the drug problem. The drugs may spread to local schools. Then the schools become unsafe. gangs become involved in these areas. It can affect a very large area because it spreads so easily.

Drugs and alcohol can effect your community in many ways but mainly depending on what type of drug it is. If it's drugs such as meth you can really put your whole area in danger with meth labs at home. Also with any other hard drugs there are more risks of crimes and children endangerment. Adults and children around areas of big time drug use usually know at least one person who is an addict or they become one themselves. The main point is they put people in harms way and a lot of crimes are associated with them. (this is not including marijuana)

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