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How do you correct walking on the outside of my feet? What kind of foot support do I need?
I was looking at the shoes I normally where to work, black loafers, and I noticed I had completely worn out the outsides (the side opposite of the arch) of the soles. What kind of foot support do I need to balance my weight across all of my feet.

Get your parents to have it checked out by a doctor. and apply for social security.and medicaid.you may even get a back payment for all the years you've suffered from this.then they will direct you in the right directions to gettin it corrected and you wo'nt pay for it.

moral support

you need to ask a medical professional or a chiropodist this one

You can go to an podiatrist, and they can take a mold of your feet and prescribe you insoles that are made specifically for you to correct this. If I'm not mistaken, there is a company that does this in a kit, and you wouldn't require an appointment, only a few minutes of your time. They send the material for you to stand on to prepare the molds for your insoles. Sorry I don't have the name for ya. Good luck.

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