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How do I make myself faint or have a seizure or pass-out?
I need the information for a health paper. I'm not dumb enough to do this because I know I could get seriously hurt, have brain damage or die. Thanks for your answers.

Peachy Perfect
You can make someone pass out in 7 seconds if you put their neck in between your thighs, lock your ankles and squeeze your thighs together as hard as you can. Then they'll pass out. They'll stay passed out for at least 30 seconds or up to a few minutes, I think.

It's because you're cutting off the blood flow to their brain. You won't break their neck.

detonate a flashbang in front of your face

Britt H
dotn eat for the whole day, ride ur bike as fast as u can up and down the street. youll deff either feel like **** or passout. also hold ur breath . & u can *make* ur self have seizures.

I know you can make your self, faint and passout but not drinking enough fluids and being dehydrated. thats about all i know..im sorry :)

ask your dad to dress up like your mom and pop out when u r asleep.

then u will faint right onto ur bed.

no damage AND you get the experience

I'm a little reluctant to answer, but you would have to hold you airway shut for a little bit.

Chris Fox
well, probably the most efficient way of doing this is getting blood to rush to the head, whether its from.. straining, standing on the head, or whatever it may be.

some people pass out from going too the washroom and straining too hard. more frequent if the person is constipated.

You can make yourself faint or pass out by hyperventilating. You cannot make yourself have a seizure.

Drink a ****-load of alcohol, & don't eat anything.

wow, err....does this smell lik chloroform?

tim g
lack of oxygen to the brain.

when you faint u lack air meaning you dont have enough air to breath and u pass out(faint)
seizure is when u cant watch ceratin lights or strobe lights or u will blk out and have a seizure (stroke)

brian S
PassOut... Don't drink water...

Hold breath continusly constantly

Dont eat/drink water, keep runing


Watch alot of tv blink rapidly look at strobe lights spin

Faint and passout, i guess are the same.


are you afraid of the sight of blood or getting shots? write a paper on what happens when you go to the doctor. please don't make yourself actually faint.

your stupid "health Paper" is gayy

Don't eat then for awhile then start doing really intense exercise, or just don't eat for a couple days ( you will faint)
Dehydration, alcohol, drugs, hitting yourself on the head, looking at flashing lights (strobe lights)...
Not sure about seizures..

Mr. Lizard
Duct tape over your mouth and nose.

tommy k
Head rush, it's awesome. Sit in a chair, and put your head down by your knees. Breathe in and out really deeply and somewhat quickly for a minute or two, or until you feel kind of light-headed. Then put your head up really quick, push your chest out as hard as you can, and hold your breath until you pass out. Depending on how well you do it, you'll go into a state of semi-consciousness or just go completely unconscious, it's really cool. I haven't done one in a while because last time I did it, I was retarded and stood up while doing it. When I passed out, I feel backwards and landed back-of-my-head-first on the corner of my friend's desk. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that you can't kill yourself doing it this way, unlike the methods where you chock yourself with a belt or whatever.

EDIT: It can also give you a seizure or make you do other weird stuff while you're "passed out".

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