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 How can I put myself into a coma? ?
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 How do you wrap .....................?
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They put a splint on it and then wrapped it up, I took a shower and took the wrap off as instructed but then totally ...

 Why do I begin to feel sick after taking pictures of myself for a while?
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 Help with staying awake late?
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 what should i do about my problem?
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 What could these symptoms be from?
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 what does it take to become an ER nurse ?
any info and thoughts are greatly ...

 im 4'10 1/2, is my height classified as a "little person"?
all my life ive been shorter than everyone and im always told how short i am. am i consider a "little person" or not to be offensive be "midget" in lack of a better word. i havent ...

 Could this have been weed? or something else?
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 How do you wake yourself up in the morning?
How do you get yourself up early in the morning when you're really tired. All strategies welcome! Thank you so much!...

 Question about CO poisoning?
Can sitting in a turned on SUV with the trunk open with fumes potentially finding their way in the car for five minutes be harmful? Is it anything that can lead to CO poisoning or permanent brain ...

 I can see that my hips are uneven when facing a mirror.?
My right hip appears higher than the left when i look in the mirror, and i can feel the difference in height when I sit down. Ive had hip pain in my left hip for about 3 years, which seemed to be due ...

 How can I get off pills?
So I'm addicted to lortabs and have been for almost 2 years. I take between 3-5 10mg lortabs a day which doesnt sound like much but without them I go through withdrawal. I don't have ...

 Cannabis and urine test (read the details please)?
After 3 weeks I smoked 2 normal-sized rolls in two days. But I have to take a urine test and the date is 14 days after the last time I smoked. And I've been drinking lots of water these days. Is ...

 whole body is aching..whyy?
my whole body has been aching me all day, especially my back. Is this the beginning of being sick or something else? thanks....

 i ate these marijuana brownies like 3 weeks go and im having this weird pressure in my head. i feel as if i am?
i ate like 2/3 of brownies 3 weeks ago and i had a really bad panic attack and felt as if my heart was going to stop at any second. i started shaking a lot and since then i feel dizzy and i get ...

 What to eat when you have an upset stomach?
Sick and throwing up, want something small to eat dont know what is best?...

 can you smoke nutmeg?
and get the same high as weed?...

 HOW LONG DO I HAVE 2 KEEP CLEANING MY NOSE PIERCING??!! i had it in 4 about 5 days !!!!?
HOW long until i can stop cleaning my nose?? ANd also im using this cleaning thing that was given 2 my baby niece for her ears... Ive been using that and im wondering if thats okay? And i also pick ...

For about a week or more I feel like I am going to fall out?
So for about a week, i have been having this horrible headache on and off, like right in my forhead and behind my eyes. In the past 4 days it has gotten worse, kind of like i see spots everywhere. I am a diabetic and only once with these headache has my sugar been up, so i dont think that is my reason.
When i exercise (walking) i feel like I am falling over and my head is spinning, like spinning in circles then stopping. It does it just walking anywhere else as well in the store,, just to my kitchen ect.

Last time i went to the doctor my blood pressure was high. But idk if it would still be. Or if that is what it is?What coudl this be?!

Tyrone Palmer
Well... while I think I get what you are meaning, someone could offer you a correct answer if you add more info. Just edit and I'll come back! ;p

High blood pressure can cause those symptoms, go get it checked.

U Can't Be Me
Tis the season to have viral sinus infection! I hope that's all it is.
Check to see if you have any pitting edema on your legs. That's one indication for me besides the whole head spinning thing that my bp is up.
Hope you feel better, Darlin.

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